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FOTD : New Concealer

Yesterday's FOTD, actually. My look for the O.M.G. Charity Play. Nothing too OTT (not like my makeup ever is lol) and I toned down my eyeliner as well. This was taken with my digital camera. I still love the effect it gives =) Makes me look almost flawless xD Can you believe I'm not wearing foundation here? =P

Decided to finally open the Physicians Formula Perfecting Concealer Duo. The yellow is for under-eye circles. I've found that putting yellow eyeshadow beneath your eyes also lessens the appearance of dark undereye circles =) The beige is for the rest of your face. It's more solid than my other concealers so I can cover pimples better with this.

Left : This is my bare face. I don't have many scars but my undereye circles are baaaaad. They make me look so tired and dull =(
Right : With concealer. It's quite solid in the container but I used my finger to apply it on my undereyes and it melted to be a lil creamy. Surprisingly, it wasn't very dry and didn't appear to cake even after 12 hours! I think it even lasted longer than my usual concealers. It's also easy to blend in. Only con was that the beige shade was a lil drying on my pimples as there was minor flaking.
Edit : On 2nd use, it's drier than before! I'll test it more before posting a full review.

Close up comparison

Complete with eye makeup. See how well the concealer blends in? I only set it with Elf HD Powder and there was no foundation/anything else.

I decided to use both Maybelline Magnum and Super Film together. Magnum first to hold the curl and Super Film after to keep it smudge proof. Not too successful since my Magnum is quite dry and I couldn't really coat a 2nd layer on. But result is good! I got curl, volume, length and almost-smudge proof.

I have here.. 3 types of photos. Of course, all have been Photoshopped due to brightness/odd colour but Photoshop can only go so far.. First is using my sister's semi-pro (or sth like that) camera. The settings for this is haard. I almost never find a colour/white balance/brightness that looks appealing for my FOTD.

Second is using digital camera, without flash. Looks kinda washed out but still over contrast here and it's always blur as I can't adjust the shutter speed. Darn shaky hands..

Third is using the same digital camera, but with flash. This is my fav mode as I look prettier here xD!! But... It's a lil too perfect, maybe? But it's easier as there's less chances of getting a blur pic. However, sometimes my face is too bright. Here, I'm not wearing foundation but I'm already looking too fair!

So which mode do you prefer? For close up shots of stuff, of course the semi pro is better as it's more detailed.

Products used :

Physicians Formula Perfecting Concealer Duo
NYX Powder Blush (Angel)
Daiso Eyeshadow Palette (Brown)
Solone Eyeliner (Golden Black)


  1. Wao.. Where you bought this concealer? I only have Za concealer and i only use it for once or twice.. Lols.. kinda lazy and sometime look cakey after apply concealer and foundation and loose powder somemore. Maybe i'm not doing enough moisturizing works..

  2. Hey,
    Actually this was part of a prize I won from the US. Unfortunately, it is not available here =( I tried it again but it seems to be getting dry.. But not cakey like my previous undereye concealer, the Elf All Over Cover Stick.

  3. you are so lucky then.. =)
    Where to buy ELF product in malaysia? And what's the price range? It sounds kinda expensive.. lols..

  4. You can try to find sprees that include Physicians Formula =)
    HAHAHAHHA!! The main reason I buy so much Elf is cos it's cheap! I buy them from through spree-ers like mandyl, sgdrugstore, strawberrygirl & hubby_enny. Most popular would be strawberrygirl. Service/price may not be the best but she has sprees most of the time so you can order anytime =)

    For $1 = RM 6.50-RM 7
    For $3 = RM 9 - RM 17 (Sale/non sale)
    For $5 = RM 20 - RM 30++ (depends on seller and sale)

    Most items are quite worth it for price but of course, if you are looking for quality, make sure you read enough reviews before buying.

  5. Oo.. it's not expensive but cheap.. Haha.. sorry i'm so outdated... bcos i don't really makeup.. Haha

  6. good review


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