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NOTD : Bunnies and Carrots

So after posting my leopard nails on Facebook, couple of my friends asked for rabbits instead. Knowing my very limited nail art drawing skills, I would probably fail lol But my leopard nails were fading bad so I gave it a try.

*Sigh* So embarrassing.. Looks like a 5 year old painted these =_=

So many things went wrong for this. Wrong pink, bad nail polish, shaky hands, wrong side (supposed to face the other way but I made a stupid mistake of not thinking before I put on the big white blob) etc. Supposed to draw lines on the carrots but my hands super shaky even while dotting on the rabbit eyes so changed my mind lol

Products used :

You may wonder what's that pen for. Formula for my white polish wasn't good and was goopy so I coated the bottom of the pen in white and 'stamped' it on =_= It wasn't perfect but there was a round-ish shape. It slid on my right thumb though. So.. Not a really good idea lol

This was my original sketch : (barely looks like it >_<)

Oh yea, I did an amazing job of ruining it cos I scooped hot rice out of the rice cooker right after applying top coat and now there are bubbles!


  1. personally, it looks reallyyyyy cute! :D well, bunnies are cute; so why shouldn't your nails be cute too? ;) anyways, do you think i could draw something like this too? :D if i ever post in on my blog, i'll be sure to credit you for this inspiration cause i'm currently thinking about what to draw for cny :P

  2. Haha thanks meiping.. Phew.. Glad to know someone actually thinks it's cute XD

    Go ahead!! Tell me if you have any tips on improving this =P

  3. It's so cute! you can draw well!

  4. awww these are mad cute ^^ esp the carrots!

  5. replied (: aaand, where did you get your miko nail polish btw? O: i got a nice blue one and i'm currently figuring out where to get some more xD

  6. Erh..? Surprised you said that. I have 2 Miko nail polishes and they're both really disappointing =_= Got them from the night market so I'm not sure if it's a fake version of whatever you have? =/

  7. replied. and, hahah, is there a fake version? O.o personally, i got mine from a lowyat swap so i have no idea :P it's quite thick but i love the blue that i got xP

  8. LOL I dunno.. Guess not =_= But the quality varies so much? Mine is thick and gloppy so it streaks. Some parts are dark, some sheer. If you go over the first layer, it looks really bad. The purple one is so sheer you can barely see the colour.


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