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Products Finished in January

Decided to dig around in my room for anymore old stuff to throw out this month.

1. Issteru Top Coat (I think? This is quite old and has hardened)
2. In2It Base Coat
I didn't quite like this as it had a tendency to dry, streak, etc. When the base is uneven, nail polish application won't look good =( I'm throwing this because we've diluted this a few times and I have only just realised that it ruins the whole point of protecting your nails from nail polish =_= 
3. Kebiya Super Nail Hardener (hardened too)
4. Maybelline Unstoppable Mascara
I used this as a lengthening mascara. It's so old but my sis insisted on finishing it =_= I don't think it's even available anymore!

5. Skin Food Aloe Vera Foaming Cleanser sample
I was quite surprised at how solid this cleanser was. Perhaps I kept it for too long and it has expired? o_O But anyway, it lathers really well! It's supposed to hydrate but I found it to be drying instead =( There was also that squeaky clean feel which I didn't like. Will not purchase.

6. Botani Purity Cleanser sample
Not fond of this. Review coming soon.

7. Maybelline Eye & Lip Makeup Remover
Well, actually I've finished many bottles of this lol It's my favourite makeup remover! I can count on it to remove almost anything (makeup wise) from my face ^_^

8. B&B Organic Placenta Soap
"Our placenta bar is a herbal soap extracted from placenta plant. It restores the natural moisture of the skin. You can see the difference in just a week of use. The dryness and itchy feel will be gone.

- smoother, blemish free skin
- younger, supple skin
- whitening

You may use as often as you want. Effective for the body and face."

Short review..
Pros : Lathers well, good as body soap, doesn't dry out skin (body)
Cons : Does not moisturize/whiten/smoothen as claimed (still have small bumps on my back), doesn't have a nice smell
Will not repurchase.


  1. too bad about the nail products though... i also hate base coats that are hard to apply & just ruins the look of the polish no matter how gorgeous it's supposed to be!

  2. Nice job on finishing up all those products!

    (Thanks for stopping by =D

  3. i love finishing products! lol i always wanted to try that placenta soap but its ounds soo weird

  4. LOL yes.. I did feel a lil weird using placenta on my body. But it didn't smell weird or anything so my imagination didn't go wild xP

  5. I've tried the SF Aloe Foam too and I's so drying :\ actually all the foaming products I've tried from SF are drying ><

    the Maybelline makeup remover tempts me tho - I didn't even know they mad a makeup remover...I've never seen it at walmart O_o

    and placenta soap ahaha? what a name...

  6. That's kinda disappointing huh? Especially since it's supposed to be a moisturizing facial wash =_=

    I don't know but perhaps they don't sell it where you're from?


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