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Supersize Your Lashes On Facebook

Yes.. I was bored lol Too tired to blog so I'll just post this app I found on Facebook lmao Consider it an intro before the real review which should be up this weekend if I have time x_X

This app by Maybelline NY Simply Fabulous on Facebook lets you see how 10x lashes would look like on you.

First, pick any of your pictures on FB. I would suggest picking one where you're facing forward.

Allign your face with the dotted oval and move the small ovals for the eyes as well.

And now.. Drag the arrow along the meter to see the various effects.

Honestly.. This 10x doesn't look flattering at all LOL It's kinda creepy, actually.

Your face will then be placed on this super hot body and you have 3 poses to choose from.

I chose the middle and... To my horror, the app posted it to my wall OMG >_< *embarrassed* lol This is what happens when you allow FB apps to use your account.

Does it really wash off with warm water and are all those claims true? Guess you'll just have to wait for my post to find out =)

(or you can just Google for other reviews but come back and read my review kay! lol)


  1. Haha! Thank God you didn't choose the third photo..XD That would be awkward..XD


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