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This Week

First, some posts worth sharing ^_^
  • Is talc really that bad? Read more in this post and decide for yourself.
  • I personally have a liking for palettes but sometimes, there's that shade of green or blue that I know I will never wear. Here's an article showing you what to do with those colours.
  • Do you believe that some skincares have a purging effect (outbreak to remove toxins)? Paris B discusses this topic on her site. 
  • If you're surveying for contact lenses, check out Chantal-Alyssa's blog as she has detailed reviews on them, including comfort, on-eye-photos and comparisons. And she has also provided me with a link on circle lenses by Angie. This is a good read, especially if you're not sure if circle lenses are safe.
  • There's a pay it forward thing going on in blogs. The first 5 people who comment will receive a handmade item from the blogger and they in turn must do the same on their blog. Join in if you feel like it =)
Wasn't expecting this as they didn't even reply my e-mail to acknowledge that they've received my details. Got my Kose lotion & moisturizer samples ^_^

And just to let you know, the giveaways post is still being updated so check it out for more giveaways to join ^_^

I have put myself on a shopping ban since 13th of January and it's supposed to last a month so I've been trying to avoid Guardian's, Watson's, Sasa or anything like that lol Of course, the ban doesn't include things I've already run out of.

Me & 2 friends went to check out colleges and I think I'll be sticking to the 2nd cheapest option as it's near to my house (the others are quite far and the route is jammed). The cheapest one was all the way in Nilai =( So... That's out of the picture lol

I went to watch Faster with my friend on Friday and it wasn't as good as I thought =(


Please don't read if you haven't already watched it.

(Press control + A or highlight below to read)

I found it a lil cheesy that both Cop and Killer had relationship problems. All that 'mushy' stuff wasn't really fitting for an action movie =_= And for a guy with a name like KILLER, he sure doesn't look like one.. I was hoping for some kinda story or at least something about his legs (which they emphasized on when they showed him) but there was nothing. Disappointment. Also, all that time spent searching for the one who betrayed him and in the end, it was the brother's gf whom we've never even seen before. I just wish there was a twist in the end and there was a connection between all these stuff. Not really worth watching.

I'll be having my family reunion dinner with my uncles and aunties tonight ^_^ Yes, I know it's kinda early lol but my dad said we had to do it early when everyone is still free.

My A-Levels results will be coming out on Monday so I'm a lil nervous x_X

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