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Malaya Optical Part 2

Collected my new glasses and contacts from Malaya Optical. Yay!

For the attendees that day who didn't get their Acuvue lenses, you can go back to collect them now. It's 3 pairs of 1-day Acuvue Moist lenses.

These are the one year's supply of coloured contacts that I won from their Facebook comment contest. They look pretty good in the brochure but I'm not gonna open them yet until my current ones expire. Don't waste! Lol

It's PINK! The moment I tried it on, both my sis & I knew.. This is IT lol! I had some doubts after we left but glad I stuck with this one. It was at a reasonable price too ^_^ Oh yeah, if you want to know, it's from ideco and also available in other colours (I saw an orange one).

One of the reasons why I chose this frame is because I know my lens is going to be very thick due to my high power. The thick frame will help make it less obvious.

Apologies for the horrible pics! Was having a breakout from a new product =_=

My old old ooolllddd glasses >_< Ryan saw my 'senget' old glasses and immediately took them off my face to adjust o_O A lil shocked but I've heard of it happening to other people as well LOL He even left it in this little machine that cleans it (it was so clean after!) and wiped the lens as well. I must say that the service at Malaya Optical is really good =) I used to hate going to optical shops because they were unfriendly, pushed you to buy, gave bad recommendations and gave you a cold shoulder if you didn't look like a potential customer. I experienced none of this at Malaya Optical =)

Gosh.. I've already forgotten how it's like to see things clearly in glasses (yes, it's that bad). So far so good.. I still get the headaches and it still slides down my nose but it's so clear! I can drive in them! Lol Also, I don't feel so self conscious when I wear these out (just because I don't think they look bad). I would almost never wear my old glasses out cos I was embarrassed to be seen in them =(

My mum also took the chance to purchase her reading glasses while we were there. We both used the vouchers (green one) given to us during the event. RM 150 was shaved off my bill while her lens was free.

Both my sis & I got our eye examinations done for free (using the yellow voucher).

Bad news.

I have giant papillary conjunctivitis. Was a lil confused about it so the very-nice-and-patient-optometrist explained it to me : Sometimes our eye can be 'allergic' to the contact lens as they are considered as foreign matter (not produced by our own body). Prolonged wear can make it worse so since I have my glasses now, I'll be wearing contacts less. My symptoms were irritation, eye redness, contact lens moving about in my eye (the small growths/bumps under my eyelid were constantly pulling the lens up) and discomfort.

I suspect it was caused by the 'Korean lenses' I've been wearing but can't be sure. It feels more comfortable when I wear contact lenses bought from the optical shop though. Guess I'll just have to be careful in the future =/

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