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Elf Super Glossy Lipshine Spf 15 (Candlelight & Pink Kiss)

Ahh.. Dug out one of my really old drafts lol

First of all, I don't think spf 15 is going to help much. You also use lip glosses in such small amounts that the protection is even lower. Some people are not purchasing Angel because it has no spf but I don't think it makes much of a difference.

As usual, swatches on website are not very accurate. I bought Pink Kiss and Candlelight. Pink Kiss is a light pink which is a little frosty while Candlelight is a sort of brownish colour and it's quite frosty. Because of that, I don't really like Candlelight. Somehow they aren't that frosty anymore and they actually look quite nice now o.O Pink Kiss is a pale pink and Candlelight is a nude brown.

Also, I don't understand how can people say this lip gloss is not sticky at all! It's so horribly sticky that my hair constantly sticks onto my lips, it's so hard to remove and my tissue paper can actually stick there on my lips =.= Maybe they changed the formula after I bought it? o.0 You know, this lip gloss has weirdly changed itself after a few months. Stickiness has reduced and I don't mind it now =/ After all, lip glosses that are a lil sticky tend to last longer on your lips.

Bad things aside, this tube is huge for $1! I expected it to be much smaller so I was kinda shocked at the size. It's one of those squeeze and apply from the tube kinda glosses, which I don't really like. I'm more into those with wands as I feel they're cleaner and less messy.

It's quite heavily scented with a very sugar sweet smell. So strong until it makes my entire box of make up smell like it. The same thing happened to my makeup bag when I moved it there. But I think the smell has dispersed as it's not so bad now. It tastes quite nice, which can be a bad thing if you have a habit of eating your gloss lol

I have read reviews that the tube can burst in your bag and spew sticky lip gloss everywhere x.x I am quite worried about bringing this out in my bag..

Now on to the swatches. Pink Kiss above

Candlelight :

Can you see the shimmer and how glossy this lip gloss is? It's one of those glosses where it can look like a thin layer of jelly on your lips. My ideal lip gloss <3

This is Pink Kiss

I don't think this shade is that flattering on me. But I guess it's still kinda wearable. As you can see, it's pretty pigmented for a gloss as the pink is showing up quite obviously on my pigmented lips.

Product says : This Super Glossy SPF 15 formula fights environmental damage while leaving your lips with a healthy glossy glow. The delicious flavor and sweet scent will leave you licking your lips in delight! The perfect on the go tube that is mess proof for anywhere and anytime!
'Angel' # 2801 is our only shade that doesn't contain SPF15 but is packed with gorgeous glittery bits instead.

Ingredients : Paraffinum Liquidum, Polybutene, Silica, Fragrance, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Benzophenone-3, Ethylhexyl, Methoxycinnamate, Titanium Dioxide, Red No.7, Calcium Lake(CI 15850:1), Red No.6 Barium Lake (CI 15850:2), Red No.27 Aluminum Lake(CI 45410:2), Red No.40 Aluminum Lake(CI 16035), Blue No.1 Aluminum Lake(CI 42090:2), Iron Oxide(CI 77499).

Size : 0.35 oz / 10 g
Price : RM 6.50
Bought from : Elf Cosmetics
Made in China

Pros : Cheap, shimmery, lasts a while, pigmented
Cons : May be sticky and too heavily scented when new

My conclusion : I hated these at first but somehow they've become better over time. I might actually like Candlelight a lot and it's a potential favourite lip gloss. May not purchase the other shades though.. Don't really fancy the others.

P.S. It's Christmas tomorrow!!!


  1. I feel the same way with you about this lipglosses. It takes some time to like it. At first I can't stand the smell, over time I could tolerate it, at times I didn't even noticed it. Did you know new batches of this lipglosses didn't have SPF 15 any longer. I'm kinda bummed about it.

  2. Perhaps it ages like wine? lol I haven't checked out Elf for a while. Resisting the temptation! XD

  3. that's weird..I think I've once read your review about this lip gloss! and you hated it!hahaha..XD
    Good thing it got more tolerable..=)
    We're the same! I tried (so very hard) to stop myself from browsing elf website too! coz everytime I went there, my wishlist would grow..=\

  4. Yes!! I hated it but the formula seems different now.. =/
    When I open the Elf website, I would have a list of things I want to buy, scribbled mentally in my head. Then I'll ponder over them over the next few days and slowly cancel out one by one. Telling myself the entire time : I don't need it.. I don't need it.. lol


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