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Goth Makeup by Nicole

My Sunday : Goth makeup by Nicole~ Camwhore time! xD I posted more more more photos this time because the makeup took a lot of effort. What better way to 'preserve' the look? xD

My before photo with Mocha!

Since blogger is limiting the amount of photos we can upload, I'm taking these from my Facebook to save space xD The photos are a little too yellow & dark but I left it that way because it adds to the 'feel' ahahah

The power of makeup! xD Big fat thank you to Nicole for the wonderful experience ^_^ Sorry if you think the whole goth look isn't there in my expression. As hard as I tried, I just ended up looking sad in a lot of photos >_< It's supposed to be goth / vampire inspired. If only I had fangs!


  1. I saw this at Nicole's blog already but she only put 2 pictures of the gothic look! This is awesome!! XDD You look really pretty and not scary at all..^^ Gothic make-up looks really good on porcelain skin..I would only look like I took drugs..XD

  2. ahahhah!! LOL before pic with mocha XD after tat u wanna bite him, LOL

  3. Impressive!!! you look like a video vixen from marilyn manson's music videos! Perfect halloween makeup =P

  4. @ aisyah
    Haha thanks! ^^ Yup.. The foundation used was extra fair just for this. I'm sure with the proper techniques you wont look like you took drugs xD

    @ Mishi
    Yeah! Too bad this wasn't done for Halloween =(

  5. Wow! Wow! Beautiful pictures!


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