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Because I Want to Look Good Naked & Promos

Fancy first class flight treatment but don't want to pay the ticket price? Just drop by Apronbay! It's located in Bangsar but while inside, you will be traveling across continents and around the world (and back to Malaysia when you exit). They specialize in brow design and waxing but also offer other services like eyebrow threading and manicures.

The lovely flight attendants

* Picture taken from Apronbay's Facebook

The lovely Tammy of Plus Size Kitten is giving 3 of her readers an opportunity to try this one-of-a-kind experience. I'm certainly not giving this a miss. I've never really been able to shape my brows to look perfect and there are so many stray hairs! Of course, it all looks much better with makeup but what about when I'm bare faced?! So I want to go because I want to look good naked (pun intended) lol

Head on over to Plus Size Kitten to find out more!

StrawberryGirl is having another Elf sale. 25% off all brushes and 50% off for inside picks! Click HERE! Spree closing on 5/11/10.

Also, if you haven't already, click HERE to join Only Beauty. There's a referral contest going on right now xD I love joining the contests, which are on from Tuesday to Friday. They are quite easy to answer as the answers can be found on the website itself. Login everyday or chat in the forum to gain points. With these points, you can redeem samples, which are absolutely Free Of Charge. You don't even have to pay for postage! So far, I've won a contest and redeemed 2 samples.


  1. aiks!!!!!!!! i thought u wan brazilian!!!!!!

    thx.. (i feel lovely also liao, have to belanja minum ni)


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