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Food Post : El Cerdo

We were actually there for the Bf's friend's pre wedding dinner. After a few missed turns and a second round looking at familiar buildings, we finally arrived! Some asking around revealed that El Cerdo specialises in pork. Kinda odd having a picture of happy pigs on the front of the menu of a restaurant which serves pork lol

My FOTN. Gee.. I look old..

I love the deco.. There are rooms on the left and right in the 3rd photo.

We were told to ask for seats under the name of 'Joanne'. We stood there at the entrance as waiters and waitresses hustled around, ignoring us. After standing around for some time, a guy named Chris came to assist us and apparently, 'Joanne' only reserved a table for 2. Obviously, it was a mistake and the moment we mentioned Joanne to the lady, she immediately asked if it was Joanne for 22 people. Not very satisfied with the staff..

Now, on to the food..

Everyone got a bread soup in a tea cup and Sangria (not pictured).

The table ordered many different dishes but I didn't capture images of the others as I didn't really know them =x I got myself a shoulder steak, recommended by the waitress as I couldn't decide on what to order at all! The menu was so confusing x.x It comes with salad, mashed potato and it's own sauce. Very yummy! I don't like beef steak but pork steak tasted good~!

I also had a Fine Ruby wine (60ml for RM 15 or 100 ml for RM 20 or 25). I'm not a wine expert but it's not bad..

The Bf's pork knuckles (about RM 140). This is actually for 2.. Everyone stared at the huge plate which came with a big fork and knife (the kind you use on a turkey). I took a bite but didn't quite fancy it because of all the fats x.x

Pork knuckles came with salad (not pictured), fried potato or something like that and sauerkraut.

The aftermath.. lol Everyone was stuffed..

Then the girls decided to order a suckling pig. There's this thing at El Cerdo.. If you order a suckling pig, the waitress will give you a plate to chop the pig and after that, you get to break the plate in a barrel. The entire evening, I heard plates breaking like every 20 minutes >_<

Overall, this is quite a fancy place to bring a date or your family but I don't think I'll go back.. It's pricey~~ And so hard to find even with GPS! lol

Details taken from Chris' name card :
Address : 43 & 45, Changkat Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur
Telephone : 03-2145 0511
Email :
Website :

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