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Parcel Has Arrived! ^^

I was on my way out when I noticed a parcel sitting on the table and it was from US! I knew it was the giveaway prize but I had to wait a few hours to open it T_T Anyway, here are the pics! ^_^

Overall pic of everything. They came in a box filled with styrofoam peanuts. Although the box was a little out of shape, everything inside was safe. I love the pink and black makeup bag! ^_^ In fact, I think I can use it as a clutch as well LOL

Is it just me or does this seem to pull you in? There are fine glitters in it that make it look so mesmerizing.

Missed the chance to get this during the sale due to my shopping ban (which didn't end up well anyway lol) so this is great! It's like she actually knew what I wanted.. lol

Perfect.. Undereye concealer for my panda eyes. I thought this was the bronzer from the photo lol

Not sure what I'm going to do with the toothbrush since I rarely travel or leave the comfort of my home lol

There were 7 Too Faced items in the box, including the pouch. Too Faced is not available locally so I'm really happy xD After looking at them, I think I may actually buy more online! I think it's rather pricey for me though..

My favourites in the whole box! I love neutral eyeshadows! And I literally screamed when I saw the lipstick. It's pink and has a diamond on top and it's nude! I haven't found the heart to try it on yet though =/ In fact, I haven't touched the inside of anything in this box! They all look too pretty to be used... =(

So while I'm here posting new stuff, here's my mini haul of NYX items.

NYX Round Lipsticks in Strawberry Milk & Orange Soda and an Ultra Pearl Mania in Black (the gray one was OOS >_<). I've already tried the lipsticks and I'm not too impressed.. The texture seems different from the old ones. But I'll leave the details for another day..

While I was supposed to be studying for my exam on Tuesday (the paper was really bad), I decided to wash my brushes using the Daiso Sponge Cleaner. Boy, I'm never going back to using shampoo and soap again! I washed the Sigma brush so I can start using it (yes.. I've been admiring it and storing it in the cupboard until now).

I am beginning to love my camera now. I always bring it out with me and snap photos like crazy xD The photos are beginning to pile up in my computer and I'm too lazy to edit them to be posted >_< Argh!

So that's all for today! I will definitely review whatever I use from the box (when I actually start to use them)


  1. wow, lucky you! TooFaced stuff look fancy and all! =) The lipstick's color is pretty!

  2. uwaaa. you grabbed the strawberry milk and the orange soda. ): i wanted to get it but it was OOS. T_____T

  3. Yeah aisyah! Now I'm so tempted to buy Too Faced stuff cos they are so pretty!

    Lol meipinggg, I saw last piece for strawberry milk so faster faster paid for it xD *kiasu* it doesnt really suit me though.. will try again. hopefully can make it work somehow

  4. Yey, congrats! Everything looks lovely!

  5. Hurray! :) I am so happy you liked everything. I am really sad that the box was out of shape. I guess it was a good thing I had those foam peanuts in there... haha! Enjoy hun!

  6. The toothbrush came in handy afterall! I brought it on a trip with me yesterday ^_^


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