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Products Finished in September

Wow, I can't believe I actually finished some stuff lol I usually buy something, use it for a little while then leave it aside as I bought a new one >_< Then I read about the Project 10 Pans people have been doing and decided I HAD to finish all those things I bought. These are kinda small (actually, really tiny) but I'm just starting!
Okay, I just finished mainly sample sized items lol But this month will be better! And I have to fulfil my October Resolutions as well >_< I'm close to finishing some other stuff. I think some of the items that I don't think I will ever finish are eye makeup and blushers. And probably lipsticks.. Gosh.. How do people actually finish all these stuff x.x

So.. Tell me, did you finish anything last month? If yes, how many NEW items have you purchased? Lol I bet you bought more than you finished, didn't you? I know I did =x


  1. Yey for empties =D

    It's always easier to use up samples first, but it's also very motivating! And I think it's even more motivating to post your monthly empties on your blog. I do this too (=

  2. You know what? I need to stop the idea of buying backups cos I never finish the first >.<


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