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Free Sample of Bio-essence Complete Nourishing Sleeping Mask

All you have to do is register your details HERE and they'll send it to your doorstep. It's ending tomorrow so hurry!

Btw, I would suggest Malaysians to follow this blog as there are many promotions and freebies posted there! ^^

Also, if you're interested in getting some L.A. Colors Cosmetics, redbubblegirl is selling some of their cosmetics for only RM 4 - RM 6. I'm tempted to buy a few but.. tahann!!! (resist) I would buy the Metallinc Eyeshadow Palettes, Auto Eyeliner, Auto Lipliner & Lipstick if I weren't on a shopping ban.

I can't remember if I told you girls already but BubblezShoppe is giving out free samples HERE. All you have to do is try out the product and write a testimonial on it.

And then there's Only Beauty, a website where you can apply for free samples. I've already gotten my samples of the L'oreal Hydrafresh Anti Shine Icy Gel (which I have not tried yet >_< and I'm supposed to give feedback after trying. Sorry!). I don't really go there because I have problem loading the page. Look at the dark grey boxes at the bottom! There's supposed to be some kinda animation/button there. While I was print screening this, I noticed something at the top right. Omg! ^^ I won... something.. I don't even remember what lol

Omg omg omg! I just checked HERE that I won a Revlon ColorStay Pressed Powder. Wheee!! I wonder if I'm supposed to e-mail them or something. How the heck are they supposed to know my shade? o_0

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  1. Thx for your helpful information :)
    i signed up for the free samples already ^^


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