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Long Awaited Mini Elf Haul & Parcel from Dolce Fashion House

So finally my parcel of Elf items arrived. I've been waiting for over 2 months! I'm pretty disappointed with this spree organizer (SO) as she wasn't very professional in handling this (if you're reading this, you know who you are).

I couldn't contact her as she had moved to her own website and totally abandoned her account in the forum even though there were people asking her about their parcels. I only found out about her new website after another buyer posted the link. Then when I signed up at her website, I absolutely couldn't find my way around as the website was so not user friendly. Never mind that, ever since I signed up, I've been receiving e-mails about every single new topic she created x.x My fault for not changing the settings.. I asked her about my parcel on the chat but no reply (okay.. maybe she didn't see it) then I somehow stumbled upon her profile page or something. Since there were a few other people inquiring about stuff, I politely asked her if she knows the whereabouts of my parcel since I'm not sure if she posted it yet. If she has posted it and the parcel went MIA, I would have to contact the post office within a month or god knows what they would do with it.

Not long later, I received a reply and she seemed angry at me for posting 'rude comments' or something. I shall quote her message..

"Hello dear,

Please do not leave such messeges stating MIA and stuff it leave a very negative impact on us. We have emailed you afew days back and I am sure the email might be sitting in your junk mail. Please check.

Also, we do not have your address. In the process of our server migration we might have missed out / lost some addresses or you might have not even sent us your mailing details.

Please do email us your address or better yet leave a message here and we will get your parcel posted as soon as we can.

Thank you so much for contacting us and we hope we can get this matter resolved for you as soon as possible."

I have been checking my inbox & junk mail folder ever since I left that message. Perhaps Hotmail is messing up again. I don't receive my e-mails sometimes.

Of course, I apologised in case she misunderstood me as scolding her or being rude. She sounded better after that but I was informed that she already had my parcel 'ready to post' a month ago but she didn't have my address. Now, I thought I gave her my address when I paid for my stuff. Even if I didn't, she did not bother to even PM me on LYN! Does she expect me to know when the parcel has arrived? If I had forgotten, she should have reminded me! Is it that she has too many customers until my small purchase is not important to her? And it seems I'm not the only one for she soon posted an announcement asking people to e-mail her their addresses as she had quite a few parcels with her.

This is my first and LAST purchase through this particular SO. I am kinda disappointed and seeing that there are other SOs, I think I'll just buy through them. My favourite is mandyl because her prices are the cheapest and she's really nice but her thread was moved to services noticeboard. I think this is quite unfair because not all the SOs got moved away from Stuff for the Ladies and I know this will severely affect her business. Aini & Ryan also provide good service.

Ok on to the items. I only got 3 items as I was broke (broke but can still spend on things I don't need?). I got the Elf Studio Cream Eyeliner in Black and Elf Studio Single Eyeshadows in Amethyst & Coffee Bean. Of course, I wasted no time in opening the box to look at the colours. I've read some bad reviews so I was kinda worried but I love them! I have not swatched them yet but they look fabulous. Amethyst is a purple colour while Coffee Bean is a darker brown. Not sure if I should open the cream eyeliner though. My experience with Midnight wasn't good but apparently, the black is good. However, I still have an almost new jar of the Maybelline gel liner which works so well. What do you think? Should I try it?

Despite my disappointment for receiving my parcel a month late, I must say, she wrapped the items very carefully. Each item was individually wrapped, there was a huge fragile sticker and the whole parcel was wrapped in plastic.

Oh yeah, remember THIS? I got picked! So I also received the parcel today. It's a pink long cardi.

The moment I opened the parcel, I fell in love with it. The box, that is.. lol

The cardi was wrapped in white paper and plastic. Looks very professionally done and so nice!

I'm not so happy with the cardi though. Still figuring out how to wear it LOL! It's a lil big on me so I'm thinking of wearing a clincher with it.


  1. Thx for the review,
    i usually do my online shopping at lowyat.
    can ovoid using her service. her service doesn't seem like a customer friendly isn't
    i would say, i love the box more than the

  2. Hi Kristin, I hang out alot at lowyat, hunting down the best deals (I'm such a computer geek >.<) Yes, I won't use her service anymore. And she's also not the cheapest =(

    I didn't take a photo of the cardi cos it really didn't look good on me. Even my mum asked why does it look like that >_<

  3. Ohhh yesss, I know EXACTLY who you're talking about darl. It was a really bad time for her, everything was messed up. :P But so far, she's been decent on my orders, nothing has gone wrong. Still, my fav SO is Aini! Oh and her VS sprees...OMG one of the cheapest rates in LYN really! :D
    About the cardi, have you tried wearing it with a thin belt around the waist? :)

  4. Yeah, wonder what happened to her thread, huh? The mods didn't take responsibility for what happened? Now, when I want to order, I will just buy from Aini or Mandy, see who has an open spree.

    Actually it's not the waist problem. The pocket parts are very bulky and makes the hips look so HUGE! The material is a light cotton so it does not get pulled down and remains puffy (you get what I'm trying to say? lol)


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