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That day, as I was going around reading random blogs, I found this blog where the owner thrifts and alters her clothes. Gosh.. She looked like she has been shopping at expensive shops. So I decided to embark on my own lil DIY project. I shall start with something simple of course. Converting a tank top into a handbag. Then next I have ideas to cut up my tshirt and to alter a dress. But somehow, something tells me that I'm not going to start on any of them >.< yes, very typical me.. I just like the idea of it all. It keeps me entertained. Oh yeah! I totally forgot. My main DIY that I really wanna do is cut up my jeans and convert them into shorts. I always have problems finding a good pair of denim shorts that fit me. I have big hips and thighs and it's nearly impossible to find my size here. Everyone seems to be a supersmall petite size who wears size 20 or something =(

*Few weeks later*
Well, I have not DIY-ed anything yet. I've just been scribbling and drawing doodles in a little book about the things I could do. Sometimes I feel the person beside me leaning over and peeping at my odd drawings. I'm no art student or designer student okay! But as long as I can understand my own drawings then it's fine lah >.< I just need to get started!!

But I've altered my first dress! =D And patched the hole in a pair of skinny pants. The patching requires no photos nor words to describe it so.. I'll write about the dress.

I look at this dress and wonder why did I even get it in the first place. There's no shape, it's not the kind of lace I would wear and those combined with the length just makes this so urgh.. So unappealing.. I have 2 types of photos for each 'conversion' but I think they're both pretty blur..

First up, the original look. Sorry for the dirty mirror >.< My sister constantly gets foundation stains and hand prints on it. Even though my arm is behind my back, I'm not tugging at the cloth or anything. Just didn't wanna block the dress.

I had the sides on my waist sewn smaller so it would fit me more. Yes, I know there are weird lumps because it was my first time and my ending for the darts (is that what they're called?) wasn't very smooth.

Look! It's so much more shapely now ^^

Then I shortened it by 1 battery length. I was too lazy to get a ruler and the battery was just the length I wanted lol I had to shorten both layers and iron them so they stayed (they still turned the other way after sewing).

Tried it on to see if it's okay. Paired it with a gold chain belt then I felt as though the neckline needed some changing so I pulled it down using a hair clip.

Now, I can't always be using the hair clip.. I had to sew it to make it permanent. I just gathered 4 folds of the cloth and it made that nice shape.

Now it's okay with accessories but I still find it rather plain.. I asked my sister for a strip of fake diamantes that she had removed from another dress and placed it on the neckline

And this is the final look. I'm not going to do anything more with it. I think it's been abused enough already lol And I'm also not going to wear that stupid belt with it. It hooked onto the lace and pulled out some threads >.<

Hmm.. Is it me or did I seem to put on a whole lot of weight overnight o.O Or this dress just isn't very flattering. *Update* : Just weighed myself. Nope, did not gain any weight. If my weight even moved, it went the other way. So it must be the dress >_<

I wore this on Saturday for a movie (Resident Evil!) with the Bf and his family. I had a grey cropped cardi on cos the hall might be cold (I forgot to take photos even though my camera was with me the entire time). Later at night, had dinner at BBQ Plaza, 1 Utama with my girl friends from high school. One of us is leaving for India soon =(

I guess that's all. I hope I can cut up some other piece of clothing and sew it soon lol

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