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Animal Prints

I love animal prints. I think my favourite is leopard prints. I want to own animal print dresses, bags, scarves, shoes. Omg x.x but wearing them all at the same time can be pretty disastrous.. I've learnt that animal prints should be paired with something plain. Like a LBD paired with leopard leggings. It just really spices up the outfit. I hate leggings though so I wouldn't buy leopard leggings.

Or leopard heels with plain black tights

A leopard legging plus leopard heels would certainly be too much. I couldn't find a photo of this though so you have to use your imagination lol

I also wouldn't wear a full bodied animal print dress x.x More is not always better.

Or wearing different animal prints together. Imagine a leopard print dress with zebra cardi and tiger heels. You'll look like you're wearing a safari!

I'm thinking of getting a leopard print scarf. I can use it as a scarf (although weather is much too hot for that), tie it on my bag, use it as a belt / sash etc. I also saw some Plush Deco Stickers at pei2's thread HERE.

It works like a sticker and you can stick it on practically anything! It's just RM 6 for 10 x 28 cm. I think the price is quite reasonable but the long thin shape makes it hard to wrap around things, especially if the item is bigger than 10 cm.

While I was browsing for photos, I found THIS. >_<


  1. O: i think if you got to the atria at giant, you know the place where you get your ticket chopped or just right below the big bookstore warehouse sale. at the stairs there. i think they were selling this. :D i saw it before. xP i saw the brown leopard, pink leopard and tiger if not mistaken. :D don't really know about the price tho. O:

  2. I rarely go to Atria lol I think the price would be higher lo, since they have to pay the rental fee.

  3. I'm so in love with animal prints too.
    I just bought myself a cute top with leopard animal print (a blue one ) :> . And Now i'm looking for a T-shirt with cow print +))

  4. Cow prints are pretty hard to find =( I can imagine it now. The black patches would be so adorable!


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