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B&B Organics Glutathione + Rosehip Soap

In my latest purchase from BubblezShoppe, I got a sample of the B&B Rosehip & Glutathione soap which apparently is the best for skin whitening. I want to look as fair as Putih! Okay.. maybe not that white.

B&B Organics is from the Philippines. You know, Filipinos are all about fair skin because there, beauty = fair skin. So a lot of the famous (cheap, not high end ones) whitening products are from Philippines. I wonder if I can look like them if I continue to use their products? They're so pretty lah!

Taken from Alice's page :
Helps lighten skin pigmentation such as age spots, freckles, acne scars, pigmented skin due to hormonal imbalance and much more. Continuous use will help reduce hyper pigmentation, and prevents spots from re-occurring, while giving you a more fairer, brighter, younger and even looking skin tone. See visible results in days!

Rose hip oil is normally classified as an essential oil. It does not need to be diluted before being use on the skin as most essential oils. Rose hip oil has an excellent skin regeneration properties, it is commonly used externally to fight wrinkles, restore firmness to skin, heal wounds, skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema, etc), reduce scars, prevent the formation of keloid and as a remedy for sun damaged skin.

This soap acts to
  • whiten & nourish the skin
  • lighten scars
  • remove impurities
  • exfoliate dead skin cells
Also, it's written that you will "notice the big change on your skin in just a matter of 14 days only".

As usual, sample came in a zip lock bag. I haven't actually opened the soaps yet so I immediately opened this to smell it. It smells like lemon, actually o.0 And I like lemon! I actually sniffed this again and again for a total of 5 times =.= Update : I realised that all B&B Organics soap will end up smelling like coconut oil after a while because they are 60% coconut oil.

See? Even Putih woke up from his sleep to sniff it. Of course, I kept the plastic on in case he decided to bite it.

I tell you, Putih likes to camwhore more than me lo. He seems to appear in the photos. The soap is half white, half yellow.

Because I have so many samples to try out, I just took a small bit of it (so I can finish this fast and try more!) lol. I'm surprised it's soft enough to be broken by hand. The Cyleina ones required a knife.

It didn't take much effort to lather up and the amount of bubbles is just right.

It will join my other beloved soaps in the bathroom and I'm putting all other new whitening / scar removal products on hold.

P.S. Those other soaps are actually from my previous purchase! I still have not finished them. They do last quite a while.

After my first wash, my skin is so soft and bouncy. I notice this with all the other organic soaps I bought from Alice. It's so smooth that I can't stop touching it >.< It's not drying and there's no tight feeling. I don't believe in immediate results (imagine if my face went 1 skin tone fairer after each use O_O) so I'll wait for at least a week before I continue this review.

Since it says it exfoliates, maybe that's why my skin feels so smooth *touches face again* and because it exfoliates, my skin would turn fairer? I dunno.. lol

12th September - Today is Day 7 and I have not noticed any changes but I will give it another week since it supposedly gives results in 14 days. I do not rely on the mirror or photos as my eyes can be deceiving. I'm using one of those 'fairness rulers' which has numbers and you compare your shade with it. I am number 9 on the scale.

I cannot leave this soap on for too long anymore as it seems to be a bit drying. I've been lathering on moisturizer but the tip of my nose still flakes sometimes.

20th September - Sunday was Day 14 but as I missed a day, I extended it to Monday. I don't think I've gotten any fairer lol However, my face does seem slightly brighter, especially at the cheeks. So I checked with the ruler and guess what? I think I went half a skin tone fairer! I'm now between 8 and 9 on the ruler. It doesn't do anything for scars though. I was having a bad breakout so I just used my scar removal serum.

Product says : Whitens, exfoliates, whitens scars
Size : 135 g
Price : RM 25 (135 GM) / RM3 (sample)
Bought from : BubblezShoppe
Made in Phillipines

Pros : Gentle enough for face, lathers well, makes skin smooth, scent is bearable, brightens the face
Cons : Drying if left on for too long
My conclusion : I will continue to finish the sample but I'm not sure if I will repurchase. Perhaps I will wait til I finish it to decide =) If it really works to lighten my skin tone, I will buy a bar for my mum as she's complaining that her skin is turning darker cos of the sun.

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