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NYX Round Lip Gloss (Natural)

*Colour is slightly darker
NYX.. I still pronounce this as en-why-axe although it should be pronounced as nix/neeks/nicks (you get what I'm trying to say, right?). Apparently, it's the name of a goddess who ruled the night. That's why some of the names of the products sound like Greek gods.

No surprise that it's made in China, considering it's low price. BUT don't look down on this brand just because the products are made in China. A lot of stuff in your house are actually from China. You just don't realise it. It's hypoallergenic and cruelty free!

This is in 22, Natural. I have some others as well. Bought quite a few when I was in an 'NYX phase' but ended up selling them. I had both Natural and Mauve, which I could not differentiate on my lips. Hence, I sold Mauve. In fact, alot of the colours are actually quite similar so I would suggest you to choose colours that are more different from each other.

Although it may look like alot of product from the side, the truth is revealed when you look at it from below. The amount is still quite a lot for the price though.

Sorry, no before pic for this. Should start taking pics of swatches on tissue paper or something. I guess it can be described as a light mauve colour that leans more towards pink. I don't usually wear mauve but this is kinda pretty! NYX  Round Lip Glosses are like liquid lipsticks. They're pigmented and really easy to wear. It's not sticky but took me a while to get used to the smell. It had a lemon citrusy smell that smelt just like dishwasher soap! (Mine is in lemon) It has the normal doe foot wand, which I prefer so much more over just having a hole for you to squeeze the gloss out. Those get really messy for me x.x

Sorry for the bad eye makeup. Had the Elf Studio Cream Eyeliner on for the first time and it didn't end up well =/ I think the colour in these 2 pictures are more accurate.

You can get this from NYX Cosmetics, Cherry Culture, Nonpareil Boutique and many other places online. I usually get my NYX from Cherry Culture because they're the cheapest and they always have 20% off! So make sure you wait for it. I bought mine from Shazzac and it was ready stock so it costs more.

Ingredients :
Size : 9.5 g
Price : RM 10
Bought from : Shazzac of LowYat.Net
Made in China
Pros : Cheap, not sticky, big colour selection
Cons : Doesn't last long
My conclusion : I like these lip glosses. Would definitely purchase more in the future


  1. I've been looking at NYX make-up for a while now:) Especially these glosses and the round lipstick. Maybe it's time to place an order;) x

  2. Lol You definitely should! ^^ At that price, you can just buy a whole bunch to try out.


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