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To tell the truth, most of the blogs I follow now, I found through giveaways. Other than that, I don't really know where to start looking for blogs to read. I think giveaway posts like these are very good to 'promote' your blog. Not promote as in 'Come visit my blog because I have freebies' kinda promote but let people know you exist. Just because I post about so many giveaways doesn't mean I blindly follow all of them. I've closed quite a number of pages because I didn't like the style of their blog.

Link :
Ends : 31st August

Link :
Ends : 16th September

Link :
Ends : 1st October

Link :
Ends : 70 followers

Link :
Ends 14th September

Link :
Ends : 20th September

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  1. i love your words before promote those giveaway :)
    i totallu agreed with you. I love giveaways to. and i found many awesome blogger thru this :)
    thanks for sharing :D


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