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Elianto Cuticle Oil

I used to love painting my nails. My nails would constantly be covered by a coat of shimmery purple, girly pink with glitters or a fierce red. That was until.. I removed my toe nail polish one day and discovered my nails were stained turquoise and there were white spots/bubbles. Imagine having BLUE toe nails! I freaked out and immediately removed the nail polish on my finger nails as well. To my shock and dismay, my fingers were not very far behind in looking like my toes. Dam you cheap nail polish! I swear I will always apply base coat to protect my nails now.

Oh, I have completely derailed from my original post. A while back, my sister purchased a bottle of Cuticle Oil from Elianto. Although it says nail polish on the bottle, it's actually oil. I've been applying this on my cuticles for 3 nights and to tell truth, I don't see any difference at all. This is a long term thing and I'm supposed to apply this daily or something. Unfortunately, I'm one of those people you can describe as 'hangat-hangat tahi ayam'. For those of you who can't understand Malay, it translates directly to 'hot chicken poop'. No, I'm not comparing myself to animal faeces. It's a Malay idiom used to describe someone who gets all hyped up about something and loses interest fast.

My sad dry cuticles =(

It's just like a normal nail polish, down to the long thin brush. So it's easy to apply if you're used to using nail polish. It's very smooth, not too runny until it goes all over the place and somehow absorbs into your skin/nail/cuticle without leaving much of a mess. I apply it at night before bed and after my skincare. It dries before I fall asleep so I don't risk getting the oil all over my sheets.

With cuticle oil
That same night. Cuticles are not so dry anymore.
After some Googling, I discovered that although cuticle oil application seems to be a staple at the end of a manicure session, we're not supposed to use cuticle oils unless your cuticles are very very dry as applying oils can stop natural sebum secretion. When you don't apply it, your cuticles will dry up. Hand moisturizers would be a better choice for daily use.

But then other websites said to use cuticle oils daily to maintain healthy nails and cuticles. I guess this would work only if you apply it everyday. Cuticle oils contain nourishing ingredients like avacado oil, vitamin E & almond oil. They are deep moisturizers for your cuticles as nail polish, nail polish removers, harsh soaps, dish washing soap etc can really dry them out. This can cause your cuticle to 'peel off' / separate from your nail.

Instructions to use cuticle oil :
Put 1-2 drops of cuticle oil onto each nail cuticle and massage for a while until oil is completely absorbed. Do not wash your hands for an hour or so after applying. (Hence, it would be better to apply before bed)

If you have a lot of time, you can even do the whole complete thing, including soaking your hands in warm water for 2-4 minutes, pushing back your cuticles and clipping off any that is sticking out, among other steps. If  you are not sure how to do this, you can get it done at a nail salon. There are also many DIY recipes you can find online.

Ingredients : No ingredients list on bottle or website
Price : RM 6
Net weight : 14 ml
Bought from : Elianto
Made in Korea

Pros : Cheap, does not leave a greasy feel
Cons : Not travel friendly, does not dry immediately so not suitable for day use, not very convenient to use (compared to the pen versions)

Overall : Not something I will use daily. Maybe just when I remember to. Will not repurchase unless I really need it one day (Dry cuticle emergency?).

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