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Be Pretty and Environmental Loving at the Same Time

1. Recycle
If the package has the recyclable logo, recycle it. May it be glass bottles, plastic containers or the paper box it came in. Be sure to separate them according to the type of material though.

2. Support companies that do not do animal testing
I know many brands, including high end and well known ones that do animal testing for their products and probably most of the products on my dressing table do too but if you can, do not support animal testing. If there is an alternative, why choose the more cruel one? I'm okay with it to a certain extent. IMO, it's okay to test shampoo on rabbits by washing their fur with it, not forcing them to drink all the shampoo until their stomachs burst. Which sane person would do that?!? I think if you do the same with water, the rabbit will die too. Does that mean water should be banned as well? The key is moderation.. Anything in excess is bad for the body.

You can search here to see if a certain brand does animal testing :

3. Conserve water
Turn off the tap while you're applying body wash, shampoo, facial foam etc. Take showers instead of baths as alot of water is needed to fill a bath tub. I know you have very pretty and fun Lush soaps to use in your water tub but they also have other types of soaps you can use in the shower. Also turn off the tap/shower when you're shaving your legs, putting on hair treatment, removing your make up or simply any other time when you do not need water.

4. Use organic products
Did you know that almost everything we use contains chemicals? I'm not sure if the minute amounts can actually affect the environment. They could have broken down before they even had any effect on the environment but the way I see it, why take the risk? Besides, the companies producing them had to have a lot of chemicals in the factories and they may just dump the extras into rivers or seas. You don't have to go all out organic but some people have actually had better experience with organic products (perhaps due to sensitive skin).

5. Products are only as good as their function
So what if the new lipstick or foundation won an award for best packaging? Did you notice there are always some products with boxes and packaging three times its size? Is all that extra plastic, paper and other stuff actually necessary? You can opt for something simple instead. Yeah, it doesn't look as good as the Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact or Majolica Majorca products but it may work just as well. I admit I do have a soft spot for pretty things but I wouldn't buy them, usually because of the ridiculous price or simply because it doesn't work for me.

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