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Daiso Sponge Cleaner

I've been hearing good things about this super cheap sponge cleaner. I'm currently using my shampoo, body wash or soap bar to wash my sponges, puffs and brushes. Sometimes, I don't like it that when I apply my makeup, I can smell my brush/sponge because I use a lot of body wash to wash it. This is fragrance-free and the smell is quite light. I don't know how to describe the smell to you x.x

It has a flip cap and nozzle which is really good. Very easy to control the amount you want. Reminds me of the Hada Labo lotion.

The consistency is not to say very watery but it's not gel-like either. It's hard to explain. I'll show you in one of the photos below.

I just washed my brushes so I'll be experimenting on my sponges and puff. The round one is from my Elf HD Powder. The powder is white but when I apply it on my face, it picks up some of my foundation. Top right is also from Elf, used to apply liquid foundation and BB creams. Bottom right is from my Silkygirl 2-way Foundation Cake. I actually bought new ones so I can throw this away when it's too dirty but I wanted to see how well this sponge cleaner worked to clean it.

First up is the Elf HD Powder puff. It doesn't look that bad, you think. Except it used to be this white!

I dropped the detergent onto the puff directly and wet it a little before rubbing the puff. Bad move. Should have poured on my hand instead as the dirt were only on the surface. My puff ended up absorbing it all and I have to use more.

My puff is white as snow again! ^^ Next, the Elf sponge

For this, I poured the detergent onto my hand, held the sponge with my other hand and rubbed it on the detergent. There's still some slight decolouration when I wash this sponge. I don't know why but it happens when I use shampoo or body wash too. The most affected area is the spot where it's brown. Does that mean my BB cream is causing it to fade? o_O

The Silkygirl one was the toughest! Because the brown-ness is already inside the sponge, I dropped the detergent directly onto it. As you can see, it doesn't absorb inside immediately which is why I say it's not very watery.

Press press press.. I had to massage this for abit and added a lil bit of water.

Result? Not very satisfying! But the parts where I dropped the detergent into it turned pale yellow. I wasn't giving up then.

Added more detergent and more water. One thing about this is that it doesn't lather up much. You can see some foam at the tip of my thumb but that's about all you get. It also doesn't feel soapy so I'm comfortable with putting this outside the bathroom without worrying about it leaking and causing a slippery mess.

Voila! Okay okay, it's not entirely white but it sure looks cleaner than before!

I think this detergent did quite a good job. Will try them another day with my brushes. Also, it didn't cause any allergic reactions on my hands which I would get if I used detergent to wash clothes, cars, shoes etc. I wonder if this can be used to remove foundation stains on clothes. Hmm..

Product says :
  • Safe cleanser mostly composed of detergent kind to the skin and sponges
  • Disinfecting and fragrance free and contains no pigments
  • Removes remaining foundation quickly
  • Keeps your makeup tools clean
Instructions : A dry sponge, apply an appropriate amount of the product, wash by hand and rinse thoroughly under running water

Ingredients : Surface active agent (34% Polyoxyethelene alkyl ether, fatty acid alkanolamide, alkyl betaine)
Size  :80 ml
Price : RM 5
Bought from : Daiso
Made in Japan
Pros : Fragrance-free, cheap, good nozzle, cleans well
Cons : None?
My conclusion : Definitely a good buy. I love Daiso! xD Will repurchase when this bottle runs out (please don't stop selling this).

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