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Beaute de Kose Sensational White Lotion

A while back, I got a travel sized bottle of this in a swap. If you're wondering what are those green things beside it, it's the froggie baby booties my mum made.

This toner leaves a sticky feel and takes quite a while to be 'unsticky' even though I pat my face after (hoping it would work like Hada Labo). I usually apply Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion after toner and the extra stickiness makes it hard to fully absorb. I'll still get that 'face-glued-to-palms' feeling no matter how much I pat. 

As for the scent, I like it! When I smell it, it reminds of a very nice and relaxing bubble bath. I think it smells a little like those things you put into your bathtub to make the bubbles. Not the overly suffocating floral kind, just a subtle scent.

I apply this using a cotton pad and swipe it over my face. It turns brown after that which is really odd. Happens even after I double cleanse or when I'm not wearing makeup so I know it's not because of my foundation.

I remember the first time I opened it, I thought the girl had conned me as the toner looked used. There was liquid below the cap and on the grooves. The bottle is not very good and may not be suitable for travelling. For example, imagine if you bring it to Genting. The low pressure may cause the contents of the bottle to leak out.

Also, I’ve realised that this toner dries out pretty quickly. I’m barely done wiping the cotton all over my face and it already feels dry and sticky. I’m afraid the liquid inside the bottle will evaporate just as fast and it won’t last long.

From it's name, I assume it's meant for whitening but I don't see any results even though I'm using it twice a day. However, I don't expect toners to be able to make me fairer 

Ingredients : Unknown (Sorry my bottle has no ingredients list)
Weight : 50 ml
Made in Japan
Pros : Nice scent
Cons : Sticky, bad bottle

Overall : It’s nothing fantastic, just another toner I will use up just for the sake of using it.

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