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My Soapy Experience

with Cyleina soaps
On the 7th of June, I received my parcel from AliceQ of I ordered a bunch of samples and full bar soaps. Today, I'll be reviewing the Cyleina soaps (I also ordered other types). The kojic soap came in a box since I ordered the full bar while the samples came in small zip lock bags with labels on them.

Alice constantly has offers, ranging from discounts to free soaps. She also sells different types of organic soaps like Spa Ingredients and BB Organics. She patiently answered all of my questions and suggested soaps based on my skin type and requirements. There are currently 15 different types of Cyleina soaps for sale. The hot selling ones are Black Pearl and Rice Bran. 

Since these soaps are organic, they do not contain certain chemicals so the soap will 'melt' pretty fast. To ensure your soap lasts long, cut them into smaller portions and store in a container instead of a soap dish. After using, I would leave the container open to let it dry before closing the cap. It dries quickly so you probably need to leave it for only a few minutes. I prefer cutting them long as I hold one end with my dry hand and lather it on my other hand. Compared to wetting the entire soap, my soap actually lasts longer this way.

Kojic soap
Love the smell of this!!! It smells like oranges, kinda like the orange flavoured Pim Pom lollipop. Have yet to see any overall whitening effect although I think my feet are getting fairer. How odd.. Maybe I can't see the effect because I'm looking at myself everyday? When I use this on my face, I can't leave it on for too long or else it stings sometimes.
Edit : After some thinking and examination, I think my body has grown fairer! But the change is most significant on my ankle area. Because I used to wear covered shoes to school everyday, my feet would be fairer than my legs. Now, it's the same skin tone! Also, because I only use this on my body (Black Pearl for face) my body is much much fairer than my face =.=

Black Pearl
Okay, first of all, this isn’t black. It’s actually really dark purple, like the purple-black colour of iodine (excuse me if I sound like a science freak >.<). I don’t see any difference on my face after using it for a month+ (supposed to be for whitening, I think?) but there’s this nice cool minty feeling after washing it off. And it smells really good! This is pretty good when I need a quick 'pick up' after a tiring day. Not to mention, there is a temporary brightening of the face after using it.

Doesn’t do much for me & I don’t really like the smell either. Can’t feel the oil controlling effect but lathers pretty easily into a reddish looking foam (It’s not exactly red but my palm looks redder than usual). After washing it off, my cheeks have a slight pinkish-reddish radiant glow. Sometimes however, I have a really bad stinging sensation that hurts. This soap can dry out your skin if left on for too long. However, if used correctly, skin is soft but doesn't feel dry.

Rice Bran
Now I understand why this is a HG to so many girls. I had a new pimple on my forehead one night and decided to try this soap. It looked like it was going to become a big red inflamed volcano but the next morning, it shrunk and within 2 days, the pimple was gone. This soap seems good against blemishes (yay!) and my nose agrees with it. It contains small black specks which are supposed to be for exfoliating but my sample was too small for body use (and I gave away half).

Honey and Oatmeal
Wow! This soap makes my skin feel so insanely smooth! Even more than the other soaps. However, my sister suspects it's due to wax in the soap. Will ask Alice to clarify on this matter. Alice has replied that the soaps do not contain wax. Also, it has a very sweet smell, sometimes too much so not suitable for those with sensitive sense of smell. Lathers easily like the Cyleina Tomato soap. Has bits of oats in it. Real oats! I feel like I'm using a cheaper version of Lush soaps (although Lush soaps are obviously more packed full with oats).

Label says (Kojic soap) : A natural soap that is formulated with kojic acid, organic papain enzyme and organic orange peel oil, which help whiten and soften your skin. Complexion becomes fair and acne-free.

Ingredients : Ok so Alice was kind and patient enough to compile the entire list of ingredients for every single soap
  1. Apple Cinnamon - Saponified Organic Vegetable oil,Jojoba Oil, Sunflower oil, Apple Extracts, Organic Cinnamon Powder
  2. Pineapple & Carrots - Saponified Organic Vegetable oil,Jojoba Oil, Sunflower oil, Organic Pineapple extracts, Organic Carrot extract
  3. Triple Citrus - Saponified Organic Vegetable oil,Jojoba Oil, Sunflower oil, Organic Calamansi Extracts, Lemon Extracts,Orange essential oil,
  4. Rice Bran - Saponified Organic Vegetable oil,Jojoba Oil, Sunflower oil, Castor oil, Rice bran oil, Organic Rice bran powder
  5. Papaya with Goat's milk - Saponified Organic Vegetable oil,Jojoba Oil, sweet almond oil, organic Papaya extracts, goat's milk
  6. Strawberry - Saponified Organic Vegetable oil,Jojoba Oil, sunflower oil, organic strawberry extracts, organic poppy seeds
  7. Chocolate Milk - Saponified Organic Vegetable oil,Jojoba Oil, sunflower oil, cocoa butter, milk solid
  8. Tomato - Saponified Organic Vegetable oil,Jojoba Oil, sweet almond oil, organic tomato extracts
  9. Coffee - Saponified Organic Vegetable oil,Jojoba Oil, organic coffee grounds
  10. Lavender - Saponified Organic Vegetable oil,Jojoba Oil, lavender essential oil, marjoram extract
  11. Shea Butter - Saponified Organic Vegetable oil,Jojoba Oil,raw shea butter, vanilla extracts
  12. Honey Oatmeal - Saponified Organic Vegetable oil,Jojoba Oil, organic palawan honey, organic rolled oats,organic vanilla extract
  13. Grape Seed Extract - Saponified Organic Vegetable oil,Jojoba Oil, grape seed extract oil, jasmine essential oil
  14. Green Tea - Saponified Organic Vegetable oil,Jojoba Oil, green tea powder

Weight : 120g except 45g for Black Pearl
Price : RM 20 for a full bar, RM 2.50 per sample, except RM 5 for Black Pearl
Seller : AliceQ
Made in the Phillipines, if I'm not mistaken

Pros : It's organic!, makes bath time fun, suitable for use on body & face 
Cons : Expensive as body soap, doesn't lather much, can only purchase online

My conclusion: I find myself liking Cyleina soaps very much. Something about colourful and fragrant soaps make bath time just more enjoyable.

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