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7 Day Lip Balm Challenge

I've always had dry lips, probably due to lack of water. Starting from today, I'll put myself on an 'experiment' : To wear lip balm at every available opportunity. The purpose? To see if lip balm really helps to save chapped lips or will it make it worse? You see, there's a myth that applying too much lip balm makes your lips accustomed to having that layer of moisture there so it stops producing it's own moisture. Hence, when you don't wear lip balm, your lips turn really really dry.

Google brought me to this website :
First of all, I don't think our lips have glands to secrete oils/moisture.. Imagine having oily lips. Ewww... So how exactly does wearing lip balm stop it from producing moisture?
Secondly, there are about the same amount of people supporting both sides of the story so it's hard to tell who's right.

Well anyway, my little experiment will help me conclude if the myth is real. This is the perfect time to test it as the extremely hot and dry weather is making my lips crack. For the 7 days, I'll be using only Lipice lip balm and no lipstick, lip gloss etc. as they tend to dry out my lips.

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