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Golden Egg Game at Aloha Getha Roadshow!

Wanna find out how we scored ourselves these awesome Getha Galaxy Pillows worth RM2xx? It's really simple.. Just head down to the Aloha Getha Roadshow and play the Golden Egg Game!
The game is really simple. You just have to jump a set number of times within the time limit like Tania here!
Actually quite impressed by how bouncy and soft it is! If you're still using a spring bed like me, you gotta drop by the roadshow to lie in one of the Hawaii Series beds on display there!
All of the Getha Hawaii Series (Aloha, Waikiki, Honolulu, & Grand Pacific) feature their AO (anti-oxidant) Technology and 100% Natural Latex.
There are also fun stations that you can participate in and learn how to get a better night's sleep with your body's 5 senses. My favourite station was definitely the popup coconut shack where we got to redeem actual coconuts! Yeah, nothing like sipping on a coconut in the middle of Midvalley Mall LOL! After everything is done, you can even bring home a free goodie bag.
Don't miss out the fun! Join the next Aloha Getha Roadshow:

  • 26/2 - 1/3 at Bangsar Shopping Centre
  • 24/3 - 29/3 at 1Utama
There are also lots of event limited promotions - you could even win yourself a 5D4N luxury trip to Hawaii!!
For more info:

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