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[Food] Gin Rik Sha Indian Cuisine Review

I was recently invited to a food review at Gin Rik Sha in Bukit Damansara. From the name, we couldn't figure out what this restaurant serves. It sounds like a Japanese restaurant but Gin Rik Sha actually serves an array of Indian cuisines + alcohol.
Gin Rik Sha shop front
Started with some small bites to open up our appetites. I simply loved the Mango Chicken Pappadoms (RM20). It's like salsa with a twist - so tangy with a variety of textures. On the right is Pop Corn Tempura (RM14), basically corn fried in tempura batter - couldn't dismiss the thought that this would be perfect for movies nights!
Gin Rik Sha Mango Chicken Pappadoms
Gin Rik Sha Pop Corn Tempura
The treats just keep rolling in. Up next is the table favourite - Paneer Piccata (RM22). Slices of heavenly paneer cheese topped with generous amounts of savoury capers. This is a must order.
Gin Rik Sha Paneer Piccata
Now on to the mains! We had a hearty serving of Chicken Biriyani (RM30) and Bombay Masala Salmon (RM38). I'm not usually a fan of fish nor spicy food but this salmon was so goooodddd!! I loved the spicy masala and even had it with the biryani wahahahaha... By itself, the biriyani was already so flavourful but the masala makes it even better.
Gin Rik Sha Chicken Biriyani
Gin Rik Sha Bombay Masala Salmon
As if the food wasn't already impressive, this Pistachio Kulfi with Caramelized Bananas & Sesame Brittle (RM22) was just MMMMMM....... Oddly enough, it tasted like Horlicks and you know how we Malaysians love our classic Horlicks! Caramelised bananas were perfectly done using bananas with the right ripeness. Next to the Kulfi, I thought the Baked Yogurt Pudding with Berry Coulis (RM20) paled in comparison but I guess it's a good balance for the intense flavours we've been tasting the whole evening.
Gin Rik Sha Pistachio Kulfi with Caramelized Bananas & Sesame Brittle
Gin Rik Sha Baked Yogurt Pudding with Berry Coulis
Their mixologist also recommended a unique gin concoction made with pandan for me. It was delicious and refreshing! Don't be shy to try some of the other combinations. I found the few cocktails we tasted to be light, focusing on the flavour instead of just alcohol content.
Overall, it's a nice place to have dinner and drinks while spending quality time with close friends and family. Each dish is unique in flavour and packs a punch with spices so I recommend ordering many plates to share so you can taste them all!

Would I return? I do want to but the location is pretty far for me. Is there a chance they will open another branch nearer to me? LOL
37, Ground Floor, Plaza Damansara,
Jalan Medan Setia 1,
Bukit Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur.

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