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[Food] K Fry Urban Korean Review + How We Skipped the Queue

If you love Korean food and you love CHEESE, K Fry Urban Korean is the place to go! Most of their menu contains cheesy goodness. And I mean the good kind of cheese, not your cheapo supermarket cheese ok?

Pictured here is their Tteokbokki with Cheese & Seafood. Jangan terKEJUt when it arrives ok? Unlike the tteokbokki at other places, the portion here is more suitable for 3-4 pax or even 5-6 if you're ordering chicken too.
K Fry Tteokbokki with Cheese & Seafood
If you come to K Fry you just gotta order any of their signature Cheesy Fried Chicken Bumbuk. Crispy boneless thigh fried to perfection and coated with melted 100% mozarella cheese. Each piece was incredibly juicy and tender. We ordered the honey mustard version and it was sooo gooodd!
K Fry Cheesy Fried Chicken Bumbuk
If you're familiar with how Korean BBQ places assign a staff to BBQ your meat, K Fry gives you a cheese show!
K Fry Cheesy Fried Chicken Bumbuk
K Fry 1 Utama Cheesy Fried Chicken Bumbuk
Mmm.. Ham and cheese rice balls. They mix and roll it on the spot for you. Tossed in sesame oil served together with chicken ham, cheddar cheese, Korean seaweed, fried red onions, and flying fish roe. I especially liked the tobiko as it gave a surprising crunch.
K Fry Ham and cheese rice balls

We skipped the queue with QueQ

K Fry outlets are normally very packed and there's a queue to get in so we were really lucky to know in advance about QueQ, an app that queues for you! Just select your restaurant, state your number of pax, and start queueing virtually. You can just sit down for some coffee and walk over when your queue number is approaching. No worries as the app will let you know how many people are currently queueing and how far are you.
Using QueQ at K Fry
We were so chill that we even stayed for dessert. We were extremely full because the portions at K Fry are cray cray but they so smart! They know everyone will overeat so they have mini bingsu LOL The milk bingsu here is incredibly fine and soft! Ours is topped with orange and grapefruit - very refreshing after a cheesy meal.
K Fry milk bingsu with orange
Hopefully QueQ will expand to more restaurants and places like hospitals soon! I can see how this will make life more convenient especially if you have small children and elderly with you who cannot stand in line for long.
Using QueQ at K Fry 1 Utama
Hehehe... hello are you all still lining up? Download QueQ lah! More info on their website or Facebook page.
Queue at K Fry 1 Utama

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