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Royal Valens LetItGo, Fitunix & Qinova 14 Days Plan Review

A while back I joined a 2-week detox programme with Dr Esence using a combination of 3 products. I learnt that a healthy body starts from a healthy digestive system. This makes sense as all the goodness we put into our body will be useless if our body cannot digest it properly right? This programme aims to improve 3 key points: Detox, metabolism, and immunity.
Royal Valens LetItGo, Fitunix & Qinova

Results after 2 weeks

I prefer to rely on what I see/feel instead of weight. Overall my whole body was slimmer and less bloated. The most apparent part was my tummy, followed by a sharper face. Ah yeah, you might say "eh she just went to toilet lah.." and.. YES YOU ARE RIGHT! The Royal Valens LetItGo product helps you to go toilet and detoxifies your body. It is not a meal replacement nor extreme diet product. I would consider it something like a supplement - it improves how your body functions.
Results from Royal Valens LetItGo, Fitunix & Qinova


During the first week, I still became slimmer even though I ate normally with rice and all. 2nd week, I followed it with lots of salads about 5-7 times a week. I love salads so I replace lunch, dinner or supper with them. This combination works for me and I do like how my body feels running on fresh greens.

Royal Valens LetItgo 14 Days Cleansing Plan

For me, the star of this programme is definitely Royal Valens LetItgo. It contains a whopping 14 different types of digestive enzymes, inulin, mixed berries juice powder, psyllium husk, antioxidants and more. LetItGo functions to stabilise blood sugar, improve bowel function and kick-start weight loss and detox. The garcinia cambogia extract in it is supposed to curb appetite as well but I guess it's too mild to affect me.
Royal Valens LetItGo review
Mix one sachet a day in 200ml of room temperature water and consume before dinner. I mix it in my shaker as it's easier than stirring. If you let it soak a bit, you will see it's packed full of highly concentrated fibre (corn, apple and oat fibre). It has a very nice berry taste and fragrance you will definitely enjoy. Drink at least 2-3 litres of water a day.
Royal Valens LetItGo 14 days cleansing plan
Royal Valens LetItGo supplement
The programme is completed with:

Royal Valens Fitunix 14 Days Revival Plan

If you're always feeling low on energy, this is the one for you. It's also the best tasting one formulated with prune, honey, pomegranate extract, guarana and vitamins. Guarana is a natural caffeine that provides an energy boost and increase your metabolism without affecting your liver.

Royal Valens Qinova 14 Days Revitalization Plan

Made from curcumin, lingzhi mushroom, blackseed oil, multi vitamins, and fucoidan. Fucoidan is a seaweed known in Japan for over 2000 years as a substance for longevity. With ingredients like these, I was wondering if I'm going to drink 'turmeric soup'. On the contrary, it was nice and sweet thanks to the addition of peach juice! Qinova increases the antioxidant capacity of your body to protect against free radical attacks and boosts the immune system.

Both of these are liquids packed in small convenient sachets which you can throw into your bag even when you're traveling.
Royal Valens Fitunix & Qinova
Overall, I like the effect especially LetItGo. For best results, of course you have to change your diet and add in workout. It is not a miracle product but can help kick-start your healthier lifestyle and help you achieve a healthy body.

Are results permanent?

Of course, it will revert back if you go back to your old lifestyle right? This is a long-term thing. There is no shortcut. It was suggested to take 2 weeks break between each 14 days plan.

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.

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