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Pokok KL @ Mahsa Avenue Review

The IG-friendly Pokok KL located inside Mahsa Avenue is growing in popularity in the past months. It's a very Instagrammable location as the cafe is located inside a glass house under beautiful, large trees! It's also very chill because Mahsa Avenue is very empty.
Pokok KL @ Mahsa Avenue
The glass ceiling and walls provide the perfect sunlight for photography. It can get sunny so they've installed several powerful air conditioners. Choose your seat wisely or risk being too hot/cold LOL The place is a bit cramped with all the tables; wouldn't recommend bringing active young children here.
Brunch at Pokok KL @ Mahsa Avenue
Pokok KL at Mahsa Avenue
Now on to the food! This truffle mushroom soup is not bad~ The portion is huge and you can taste the truffle in it. Probably should share this as it is quite creamy.
Pokok KL @ Mahsa Avenue truffle mushroom soup
I liked the Smoked Salmon Benedict - double poached eggs (perfectly timed) on yum yum smoked salmon with a side of greens and sauted mushroom. Portion is generous and fulfilling.
Pokok KL @ Mahsa Avenue smoked salmon benedict
Now starts the disappointment. I actually returned for the Truffle Fries because it wasn't available on my first visit. Sadly, the texture of the fries and the taste were not on point at all. Don't understand why this is recommended? There are better truffle fries elsewhere.
Pokok KL @ Mahsa Avenue truffle fries
My friend who had the nasi lemak (another recommended dish) noted that it was under seasoned and rather bland. On the other hand, my pasta was way too salty. Apart from the excess salt, it was delicious and had a lot of seafood!
Pokok KL @ Mahsa Avenue pasta
You can still come here and chill though.. Just don't expect the food to be really good and focus on taking photos?
Pokok KL @ Mahsa Avenue
The coffee was also mediocre - too much milk! My cappuccino was basically a latte with too much milk.
Coffee at Pokok KL @ Mahsa Avenue 

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