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Natural Beauty Brands to Check Out at Guardian Malaysia

I was recently invited to Guardian Malaysia's Live Healthy, Live Beautiful event where I mingled with various brands that work together to make you and I more beautiful, both inside and out. I was glad to see some of these brands which were previously not available locally. These brands also use natural ingredients to reduce the impact on Mother Earth.

My nose led me to this booth LOL These new Lux Botanicals Body Wash smell amazing!! I usually avoid floral scents but these were refreshing.
Lux Botanicals Body Wash
Love Beauty and Planet aims to make you beautiful while creating a less wasteful planet. The bottles are post-consumer recycled plastic and 100% recyclable. There are several ranges to suit your preference and needs.
Love Beauty and Planet
Botaneco Garden products are made from botanical ingredients and eco-certified oils. They have quite a lot of products; if left alone at Guardian, you might find me browsing at this section haha
You've heard of micellar water makeup removers but what about shampoos? Pantene Pro-V Micellar Collection is infused with mild micelles paired with plant-based Pro-V nutrient blends to transform damaged hair.
Pantene Pro-V Micellar
Garden of Eden is a brand I've used since high school years. I especially like the Vitamin E serum for scar removal. Didn't even notice that they have diversified their products to include toners and cleaners now.
Garden of Eden
Have never tried this British brand before but I like the vibe from this brand! They have a wide assortment of products using coconut oil and argan oil.
I used to purchase Essano from online eCommerce sites but it is now available at Guardian Malaysia! Their products use rosehip oil and smell so gooddd~~
Essano rosehip oil products
You might have seen videos of the April Skin Magic Snow Cushions and their superb coverage. I used to buy their Magic Snow Cream from Korea and was so sad when it became unavailable. Turns out they repackaged it and I can buy it from Guardian Malaysia now!

A'kin is a 100% vegan brand that does not use palm oil or any kind of animal by-products such as honey or beeswax.
You might have seen Buds products for babies; this Dr Buds Organics brand is for adults. The products feature natural ingredients that have been clinically proven to solve specific skin and scalp conditions. Since I have eczema, they recommended me to try the Ecze-Clear Rescue range.
Dr Buds Organics
You're probably familiar with the Palmer's brand by now with all their Coconut Oil Formula products in the market. This brand uses ethically and sustainably sourced coconut oil and Tahitian monoi oil, infused with Tiare flower petals.
Palmer's coconut oil formula
And of course, beauty comes from the inside too right? These Ecolite drinks deliver nourishment into your body with bird's nest and collagen in one bottle. Fair warning: if you're familiar with the taste of collagen products, this tastes like it.
There is also a trend for supplement beverages especially oat drinks and 'lady drinks'. There were several brands (Biogreen, GoodMorning, Kinohimitsu, and OatGrain 35) offering similar products but they all taste different so you will probably need testers to decide. You might recognise the 'lady drinks' from the beautiful purplish hue. Surprisingly nice to drink even though they do not contain added sugar - the sweetness comes from blueberries and beet root.

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