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(Review + Discount Code) Sudio Nivå Truly Wireless Earphones

I own 3 products from Sudio already and I'm convinced they offer one of the best sound qualities out there. It's undeniably my favourite brand!
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Now I have the Sudio Nivå too and they definitely do not disappoint.
Sudio Nivå Blogger Review
I do love my Vasa Bla but these offer a truly wireless experience. Definitely no tangled wires happening here! As they're in close proximity to the face and neck, they're made to be sweat-proof. Sudio Nivå also comes with 3 pairs of different-sized sleeves - this is very important to ensure the most secure fit (so they don't drop out) and also comfort for your ears.
Sudio Nivå Review
Each side is only about the size of a coin! The tiny size comes at the expense of battery life - 3.5 hours of play time. However, I've noticed that Sudio wireless products have one of the less bulkier designs so I feel the battery life is actually quite decent in this case. The portable charging case holds 4 extra charges for a total of 17.5 hours of battery life.

The design is as usual minimalist and sleek; quite sturdy and high-quality too. Each side comes with a button (on/off, play, pause, pairing) and small light that indicates when it's on, pairing and charging. It works just like the other Sudios - very user friendly.
Sudio Nivå Truly Wireless Earphones
As usual, I chose my favourite colour - black. The white with rose gold is actually quite pretty as well (oh no, regretting my choice now!) but if you're going for a more pastel colour, there's pink and Tiffany blue available.
Sudio Nivå colours
I let Tania try them on and I quote..
"It's like the music is going into my head"
I couldn't agree more! That's exactly how I feel whenever I put on a pair of Sudio. Some say the price tag is a bit high but if you're spending hours on them everyday especially in commute, I don't mind investing a little more for a MUCH better quality. You'll be like is THAT how that song sounds like? #truestory

Check it outt.. The black Sudio Nivå blends into my hair and you can barely notice them.
Sudio Nivå Truly Wireless Earphones Review
Just pop them back into the case when you're running low on battery. The charging case is magnetic so your Sudio Nivå won't drop out accidentally. It's kinda small like a compact foundation so you can bring it in your bag or slip it into your jeans pocket. The casing has a leather strap for you to hang on your bag. I like how they automatically charge when I store them so I know they will be ready to use when I bring them out next.
Sudio Nivå Earphones charging
Colours: White, Black, Pastel Blue, Pastel Pink
Price: RM 425 (Free delivery, coasters & 1 year warranty)
Use code 'ISABEL2018' for 15% off!

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. This is awesome. I really need this . The packaging and features suit my daily life a lot.

  2. I also like sudio Niva and easy to carry especially go for travel. This is my first earphones with Sudio.

  3. wow! such a great earphones.. time to listen to more nice nice songs... yeah yeah.. great review u have written!

  4. Looks like a great product. Suitable for me to wear it while I'm in the gym

  5. wa so nice! You have so many nice earphones from them already hehe. but this latest one looks the coolest ;)

  6. NICE WIRELESS EARPHONESS....i think i want to get one too!

  7. Oh yes! I have read many good reviews about their products and love their cool designs too.


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