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[Tech] Sudio Regent - Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

My love for Sudio products continues to grow with my collection! I still love my pink Sudio Vasa Bla but having to charge it every few days (with daily use) can be annoying especially when you're in the middle of this Korean drama and the familiar beep comes up. Beep! Beep!
As usual, the outlook of this Sudio product is not disappointing. It's a sleek black (also available in white) with hints of gold. Overall, it's soft and comfortable to wear yet feels sturdy. Obviously it's much heavier and bulkier than the Vasa Bla and Tva BUT it comes with 24 hours of battery life. Beep! Beep! no more! For comparison, Vasa Bla has 8 hours of battery life which is not too shabby but 24 hours is better!

You can fold it inwards so it's less bulky to bring about.

The box comes with a manual, guarantee certificate, audio cable, charging cable and removable plate (already installed).
The charging port, power on/off, previous, and next buttons are well hidden but you'll soon get used to pressing them without removing your Sudio Regent..
The soft ear cushions make it comfortable to wear and you can easily adjust the height. I'm loving the freedom with this Bluetooth headphones! I can walk up to 10 metres away from my MacBook / phone and still be listening to my favourite music. The audio quality is good compared to cheap earphones; I wouldn't expect less from a Sudio product.

How to Change the Plate?

The Sudio Regent comes with changeable plates for enhanced design. You can even buy a few designs and switch based on the season. This is the original plate which comes with the Regent headphones - they're black with a single gold line. Black is totally my colour but I got a brighter pair for a change of mood.
Press on the plate and turn anti-clockwise gently. It will unscrew and pop out.
Pop the new plate in and turn clockwise to lock it in. You should feel a soft snap which signifies that it's in place. I'm kinda loving this blue feather design as well!
Right now, each purchase also comes with a FREE marble phone case! You can purchase the Sudio Regent on their website. Shipping to Malaysia is free.

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


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