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[Beauty] Eating Right for a Beautiful Body

The beauty trend is leaning towards natural beauty and we celebrate the 'no makeup look'. Eh eh.. But how can I look so radiant with light makeup? You can slather on tonnes of skincare everyday but the true key is to take care of your body. Feed your body healthy, nutritious food and it will reward you for it!


Funny that this is coming from me as I drink insufficient water but I definitely SEE the difference when I keep my body hydrated! I'm not 100% into the whole detox water thing but 'flavouring' my water encourages me to consume more! Many swear by lemon water and even claim they are healthier and look younger with it. Fruit infused water is also great and so easy to make as you simply dunk cut fruit (I recommend oranges) into water. I like adding a bit of honey as it's good for you and tastes great. Just make sure it's REAL honey not the fake sugar 'honey'. I got this jar from Melipoly.

Eat your greens

Get more vegetables into your daily meals! I personally enjoy the taste of salads but sometimes I'm just too lazy to prepare them everyday. I found that prepping them in advance in jars makes this sooo much easier. Each jar holds 1 portion of veges and I can add whatever I want to them.

Well actually not just your GREENS

Nutritionists recommend you to eat a rainbow 5 colours of vegetables - red, yellow, green, white & purple. I'm having a little difficulty with the purple/blue but I try my best! I make these colourful bowls as snacks or even meals (don't under estimate how filling they can be).

Is it enough?

Complement your diet and skincare with Nature's Bounty Vitamin C! Nature’s Bounty Ester C is a unique patented form of Vitamin C that readily absorbs with long lasting effects to ensure what is taken is optimised in your body.
  • It’s proprietary formulation ensures prompt delivery and superior bioavailability as compared to regular C
  • Gentle on the stomach as it is non-acidic (neutral pH)
Can't wait to get some Ester-C with my granola cup! Also sharing a bottle with my family 💕
Nature's Bounty is a premium vitamin and supplement brand manufactured in the USA with a 40-year reputation for delivering high-quality vitamins & supplements to consumers worldwide. I've also tried their gummies and I must say they're super yummy!
The Nature’s Bounty range of supplements is available at Watsons. Ester C 500mg retails for RM 69.90 (90s) and RM 27.90 (30s).

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