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[Beauty] 6 Ways to Control my Eczema Skin

Very dry skin with eczema runs in my family. It gets so bad that I subconsciously scratch myself until I bleed. The recent hazy air + my neighbour's renovation triggered a bad bout of eczema and I struggled to control it. So I would like to share the steps I take to heal my eczema.
6 Ways to Control my Eczema Skin

Find out what's causing it

Detergent, dirty water, chlorine, perfume, lotion, food, pets (yup..).. Test all of them until you find the cause. Also wash all new clothes and bed sheets before using. I get itchy from touching my dogs then I need to wash with soap which dries out my hands Ugh..

Clean your house

A dirty environment can almost immediately make me itch. It was 10x worse during my neighbour's renovation as the fine particles cloaked everything in my house. It even got into my shoes so my ankles got it baaaad - red spots and flaking wouldn't go away until I sent my shoes for cleaning.

Stop using cheap body wash

Balneum Intensiv Wash
I know we're all used to body wash that foams up as it's so syok BUT it's really drying on your skin. Switch to a body wash meant for dry skin such as Balneum Intensiv Wash and you will feel the difference. Some say they feel oily, 'dirty' or uncomfortable but it really depends on the brand and essentially you'll get used to it.

Wear socks or gloves

At night, I apply a good amount of cream on my heels and feet then cover up with socks when I sleep. This enhances the cream and reduces friction with my bed sheet (also prevents my cracked heels from scratching up my bed sheet).

Use medication sparingly

Doctors will provide steroid creams to control your eczema but I dislike using them as they become less effective over time and you need to use more. However, I keep a tube for when it's getting out of control.

Moisturise! Highly recommend using Balneum

Balneum Intensiv range
I give this a rating of 5/5!
Dry skin invites eczema so try your best to keep your skin hydrated by drinking enough water and apply lotion regularly. I have tried plenty of lotions in my lifetime and this is by far the best with an affordable price tag.

Results after using for 10 days
Firstly, I apologise for the gory pics but I was so impressed with the effects after using the products for just TEN DAYS! The effects I personally saw and felt:
  • Cracked and bleeding heels are now softer, smoother, and pain-free
  • Itchy spots and redness disappeared and healing (left with scars now)
  • Skin feels so much more moisturised, doesn't feel tight nor uncomfortable
  • With this range, I'm able to calm my eczema and keep it under control much better without medication at all
After using Balneum Intensiv
See those red spots? They're from the renovation residue in my house. Just 5 minutes in my house and my feet start itching already.
Balneum Intensiv effects
The horror!! This is a common sight in my family and this is not even the worst. Once it was so bad, I didn't want to leave my house in shorts at all. After trying Balneum out, I'm sharing it with my family as well!
Balneum Intensiv review
Why does Balneum work for dry and eczema skin?
  • Restores skin barrier function
  • Replenishes dry skin with lasting hydration
  • Improves skin smoothness and elasticity
  • Balneum is without colourants, perfumes and preservatives
Balneum Intensiv products
There are 3 products in the range: Wash, Lotion and Cream. The Balneum Intensiv is an oil-in-water emulsion with a high lipid content, for the dermatological care of dry and very dry skin. The lotion is very runny, absorbs quickly and leaves a thin oily barrier on skin. It gives immediate relief to itching skin caused by dryness and eczema.

I use the thick Cream for the really BADD areas like my heels and bad eczema spots. Was so relieved to find that Balneum stopped it from getting worse (usually it will become so itchy and bleed).
Balneum Intensiv Wash, Lotion and Cream
Balneum Intensiv is suitable for your whole family, from children to senior citizen.
Where to buy Balneum: AA Pharmacy, BIG Pharmacy and other Leading Independent Pharmacies
Balneum Intensiv price:
  • Balneum Intensiv Wash: RM55-RM65 (200ml)
  • Balneum Intensiv Lotion: RM55-RM65 (200ml)
  • Balneum Intensiv Cream: RM40 (50g)
  • Urea EP 5.0% w/w (Urea improves the ability of the skin to retain water, while simultaneously balancing adequate hydration. It also has anti-itch properties.)
  • Contains Ceramid NP 0.1% w/w (Ceramide support the renewal of the skin’s natural protective layer and form an effective barrier against moisture loss.)
Balneum Intensiv product review
** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.

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