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[Food] Starbucks Malaysia Launches Jumbo Cookies!

Did you know the World’s first Starbucks Signing Store is right here in Bangsar Village II? In fact, they are celebrating their 2nd year in Malaysia with the launch of Starbucks Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies!
These preservative-free Starbucks® Jumbo Cookies are freshly handmade by the Silent Teddies Bakery, a social enterprise started by the Community Service Centre for the deaf (CSCD) to support their programs and its schools for the Deaf children. Priced at RM 6.90, RM 1 from every cookie sold will be channeled to the Silent Teddies Bakery. They are already available in the Klang Valley and will gradually roll out to all Starbucks Malaysia by 29th August 2018.
They're especially yums when paired with a good cup of coffee!
The BV II Starbucks Signing Store now has 9 deaf baristas who are 100% certified coffee masters! You can recognise them by their black aprons that feature a special embroidery with ‘Starbucks’ in Malaysian Sign Language. In addition, these deaf baristas are also qualified to conduct coffee chat sessions with the public using sign language much like the baristas at the Starbucks Reserve™ stores in Malaysia.

Looking to collect more Starbucks Malaysia merchandise? Check out these newly launched exclusive Signing Store 2nd Anniversary merchandise which are only available at the Starbucks Signing Store at Bangsar Village II!
I think it's great that a big company like Starbucks has made the move to provide opportunities to members of the Deaf community. We hear another one will be opening in Malaysia soon too!

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