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5 Premium Gift Ideas for Companies

Corporate gifts are a tricky topic. While some still stick to the old school pens and button badges (really?), it's time for YOU to upgrade your premium gift game. Here are some ways to get the most out of your investment with these top choices.

#1 Electronic Gadgets

Electronic gifts may cost more but are well loved by receivers! If you're a bigger company looking to impress your stakeholders, Bluetooth/portable speakers are a HIT. You may also consider a wireless mouse in your corporate colour or even a travel adaptor for travel related companies. Power banks are equally as popular and are well appreciated when your phone runs out of juice.

#2 Corporate Diary

Many business people carry and use a corporate diary daily. It will be constantly used and reminds them of your brand. As we usually only need 1 a year but receive up to 5, make sure you give out a really GOOD one to stand out. Find a good diary supplier malaysia to ensure your company's diary is of a good quality with stylish design. A sleek minimalistic cover has a much better chance at getting used than one with your brand and logo all over it.

#3 Drinkware

Drinkware items like cups, thermo mugs, water bottles and ceramic desk mugs are also good choices are they're used daily and placed at eye level. Again as mentioned in the point above, avoid crowding it with your brand logo. Instead, go for a motivating or fun message that's connected to your brand.

#4 Shopping Bags

With the growing ban of plastic bags in Malaysia, these are becoming increasingly popular. These bags are generally low cost and you can afford to reach a bigger audience with a smaller budget. You can go for the budget-friendly non woven bags but I would recommend bigger companies to go for felt shopping bags or even fashionable ones that come with pockets and fancier designs. After all, the premiums reflect your company.

#5 Thumb Drives

Let's admit it, we lose thumb drives all the time and welcome new ones. How do you increase the chances of receivers using your thumb drive though?

  1. Use an attractive yet practical design. Some customised thumb drives are too bulky that they interfere with the usage of neighbouring USB slots.
  2. If you're distributing digital copies of corporate profiles, brochures or press releases, you may load them into the thumb drives as well so they're not only pretty but functional as well.
  3. Ensure the capacity is sufficient. The bigger the better!

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