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[Fitness] Jonlivia Air Hotpants Review

If you have a pet at home, I'm sure you feel my pain! When I do any kind of exercise or yoga or stretching, you can be SURE that Sakai will be my 'gym buddy' - except he's only there to kacau.
Yep. Just standing in the way and breathing in my face the entire time. Probably checking to see if I'm still alive.
Phew.. Getting some rest. Not sure why HE is so tired.
I'm probably one of the least flexible people on Earth and I don't exercise much so house chores will have to do! I wear my Jonlivia Hotpants S+ to clean the house or cook, accompanied by my Sudio Vasa Bla for some music. You'll be surprised how much you sweat especially with this! The effect will definitely be much better if you wear it to work out. If you're going for a run, make sure you have all the right tools! You can also view some of running tights reviewed by Runnerclick.

4 Layers

With the 4 layers and breathable AirFabric, it's super comfortable to wear. The compression and heat circulation causes you to sweat 3-4 times more so your workout is more effective.

The first time I wore it, I was certain the pants were a scam. I did not sweat at all! Then I took it off and realised..
My whole leg was wet with sweat
It's amazing how comfortable they felt even though I was sweating intensely. There's a thin strip of airy fabric on the inner side so it doesn't feel stuffy.

One thing I disliked was the white thread used for the stitching on the outer side which is very visible. It doesn't look as good when I wear it out xD

Strong but Stretchable

Made of excellent stretchable material and extra layer of strap on hips to prevent it from breaking even when you're doing squats (tested and approved).
It does not drop or feel uncomfortable when I'm twisting and pulling my body in all sorts of directions. The pants will cling to your body perfectly. These pants can stretch better than me LOL Still working on my posture. Don't judge.

High Waist

I love how this pants can be pulled to tummy level! Wearing tight low waist pants/underwear will cause 'muffin tops' where the fats around the waist bulge out. With long term wear of high waist ones, this bulge will reduce and flatten.

Hidden Back Pocket

I like how this pants comes with it's own hidden pocket at the back! It comes with a zip too so it's perfect to keep your house /locker key.
Simply pull your top down and it's hidden! However, the small pocket will not fit your phone.
You can buy Jonlivia online on their website. The pants are available in different lengths and up to 3XL size!!

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.

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