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4 Ways for Singles to Spend Valentine’s Day Alone

Valentine’s Day is the feast of Love. All over the world, this day is the favourite holiday for romantic couples. The number of people walking hand in hand and kissing in the streets is staggering. For many singles, this holiday is rather depressing: love is in the air and you feel so lonely in this crowd of romantic couples. There is no reason to give way to despair and misery.
If you don’t have somebody to love yet, it’s OK.
You shouldn’t focus your attention on your single status. Do you love yourself? Of course, you do. Then, be your own Valentine. Dating experts from YourBrides, the website where every single man can meet a single Ukrainian girl, advise to spend this day the way you want and make it Your Day.

#1 Invite other singles

If you’re single, it doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily spend this day in solitude. Everything is in your hands. You’re not the only one who is going to celebrate it being out of a relationship. Probably, there are a lot of singles among your friends who also dread the coming Valentine’s Day. So, unite! Organise a party or head for the cinema, shopping mall, entertainment center, spa, or a café. If you’re obsessed with the thought that you won’t receive a teddy bear or a bunch of flowers on this day, nothing prevents you from indulging in a nice gift. Just imagine: your boyfriend could have turned out to be stingy, but fortunately you’re single and you don’t economize on gifts for yourself. Buy a bunch of your favourite flowers, dine at a stylish restaurant, or purchase beautiful lingerie. Who knows what you really want to receive as a gift better than you?

#2 Be selfish at last!

Focus on yourself on this day. Imagine that there are no other people but you in this world. Allow yourself things you didn’t have time or money for before. Turn off your phone, order your favourite Italian food, and watch all the episodes of that popular series you’ve wanted to watch.

#3 Broaden your horizons

Why sit at home on this day? There is the world outside and it’s waiting to be explored. So, pack your stuff and travel to the nearest city or town. Visiting new places clears up your mind and inspires. Who knows, maybe some nice guy will also decide to spend Valentine’s Day in another town and you’ll bump into each other on the street or sit next to each other in a train. If you can’t decide where to go, catch the nearest train and get off at a random station. Don’t worry about what other people will think. Remember, it’s your day and you can do everything you like.

#4 Share your love

Apart from romantic love, there are other kinds of love. You’re full of love and warmth, so share it with those who want to feel it. Volunteer at a local orphanage or nursing home. You’ll see the difference between being single and lonely or abandoned. Do you have any nephews or nieces? Offer your brother or sister to babysit their kids. Buy plenty of sweets and spend this wonderful day in the most wonderful way. Be the best aunt: take them to the zoo, buy what they want, and have fun together. Try to view the world as kids do – notice small miracles around you, pay attention to details, be curious, and spontaneous. Open your heart and it will be filled with love soon.

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