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[Fashion] Casual Weekends with Clothes Buffet Malaysia & Zalora

Hello! I haven't done a fashion post with my OOTD in a looooong time. Most of the time nobody is available to take pics for me and I'm just so awkward in front of a camera =x Elie and I were at MyEspresso Cafe and I forced her to take pics for me wakakaka.. It's quite a nice place and we kinda went all over the shop taking pics.

MyEspresso Cafe portraits on the wall

Slightly-short but super comfortable striped lazy pants are from Zalora. I swear I would have purchased more if only they had more pretty designs.

Zalora 15% Discount Code

Having latte at MyEspresso Cafe

Oversized white button shirt is from Clothes Buffet Malaysia. Super duper love it cos it goes well with just about anything - pants, skirts, shorts or even over dresses.

Clothes Buffet Malaysia

A unique grab-all-you-can shopping event where you pay 1 price for all the clothes you can fit into a bag

Bar top table at MyEspressoCafe

I've worn both pieces so many times already because they're both so comfy! Even my shoes from RedEye are epic comfy okay.. I guess weekends are just lazy days for me so I like to wear comfortable clothes haha..

Casual OOTD with Clothes Buffet Malaysia and Zalora

Thank you Elie for being my photographer of the day. We should go out more LOL =x Btw, all photos here were taken with my Samsung NX300M.

Oversized white button shirt

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  1. i love t-shirt color and zebra pant are awesome, you select good product from zalora


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