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[Beauty] Neesya Illuminating Essence & Brightening Overnight Mask Review

After the Neesya Brightening Enzymatic Refiner, I proceeded to try out the rest of the Intensive Overnight Radiance set.

Neesya Illuminating Essence (RM129/65ml)
Troubled by dull, uneven toned and dehydrated skin that has lost its glow? This essence promises to fix all that.

The essence is a clear liquid that does not have any scent.

I found the texture of the essence rather unique. It's watery but might make your face feel slightly tacky after application. And by tacky, I don't mean sticky like Hada Labo but I would liken the feeling to a very mild tape. Not exactly a bad thing though as it does absorb fairly fast. To counter it, I massage it in while my face is still very moist with toner.

4 drops, twice daily is sufficient for me. Although it does hydrate my skin, I have yet to notice any of the other effects.

Neesya Brightening Overnight Mask (RM99/75ml)
An intensive overnight treatment mask formulated with Silver Vine Extract and AlphaMelight. Contains concentrated dose of brightening complex to help diminish skin discoloration, revitalise complexion and restore skin hydration while you rest. Recharges tired skin with essential moisture and anti-oxidants to help skin regain it suppleness, vitality and youthful glow.

I've tried several overnight/sleeping masks but have not been particularly fond of any simply because of their sticky residue. Yuck. Surprisingly, the same cannot be said about Neesya's. Although it is still quite thick, adequate massaging will ensure comfort while sleeping without your hair sticking on your face.

Honestly, the effects are not spectacular but I like the texture enough to continue using it. Perhaps it will take some time for the effects to reveal themselves?


** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. How long have you been using them? So expensive thouuggghh! D:

    Hey Isabel, been a while since I visit your blog and even updated mine. But been writing again nowadays.. please drop by when you're free :) would appreciate it.

    1. Reading old reviews, they used to be much cheaper. Not sure what happened.. but the refiner is alright since I only use a tiny bit.

      Will be dropping by! =D


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