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A Place of Magical Indulgence

Was craving for something sweet so I consulted the Oracle of the Seventh Heaven in hopes that it will tell me where to go.

A little Genie (Tania) appeared and guided me to Haagen-Dazs!

"Control yourself, Isabel!"
But how...? When you're surrounded by so much ice-cream?

Once I regained my sanity, I noticed that the Oracle had prepared a platter of delightful treats.

Seventh Heaven

7 scoops of your choice of ice-cream served with fresh, sweet and sour fruit drizzled in chocolate sauce. Here, we had a range of ice-cream including Chocolate, Cookies & Vanilla Cream, Green Tea, Salted Caramel, Mango Sorbet and Coffee.
Price: RM 61

Water is poured into a glass holding dry ice to create the misty effect. 10 points for presentation!

The Eiffel Tower
If you can't go to the Eiffel Tower, bring the Eiffel Tower to you! Rich Belgian chocolate and cookies & vanilla cream ice-cream on a strong brownie base, topped with a fresh raspberry. I loved the outlook and the fact that all of the decorations are edible. Waste not.. Plus the brownie wasn't too dry.
Price: RM 40

As if that wasn't romantic enough, Haagen-Dazs has a special Valentine's edition which comes with two heart-shaped Raspberry Sorbet which had all the girls swooning. It looked and tasted amazing. The sour berry taste will remind patrons of the sweet excitement of their first love. It's perfect to treat your girlfriend with. Eat it quick, though!

Melt her heart, not the ice-cream.

Haagen-Dazs Fondue
OMG! Needless to say we were all excited over this.
Price: RM 68

Mini scoops of ice-cream balanced with refreshing fruit. Dip in your choice of milk chocolate or dark chocolate. I tried the former and it was so so goooood! The melted chocolate coats the ice-cream in a sweet shell which melts in your mouth into this yummy mouthful of goodness. I especially liked the juicy green apple too - the sour flavour went well with the chocolate.

Confession - the chocolate was so amazing we ended up pouring the leftover on the other ice-cream as well

The fondue was so dazs good,
we thought we went up to haagen

(geddit geddit?)

Banana Caramel Crepe
Fluffy crepe with banana slices and drizzled with caramel sauce. Served with Caramel Biscuits & Cream ice-cream, it was a yummy dessert with a bite.
Price: RM 31

P.S. This ice-cream flavour was really yummy!

The Haagen-Dazs Crunch
Embark on a journey of flavours and textures with layers of ice-cream, crunchy wafer cone/cookies, almond nibs and whipped cream.
Price: RM 24.50 each

i) Salted Caramel Crunch - for the sweet tooth
ii) Mango and Vanilla & Cream Crunch - mango and peach for a fruity twist
iii) Chocolate Crunch - for the chocolate lovers

My choice of drink?

Belgian Chocolate Mocha

Belgian Chocolate and Coffee ice-cream blended with a shot of espresso and hot milk. Topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. The beverage was dense and rich yet not too sweet, as some mochas are. Both of the ice-creams used in this drink were in my top 5 favourites so this drink was really meant for me.
Price: RM 22

Casual #OOTD for the day~
Camo top from Bangkok with sandals from Scholl. Paper bag from Haagen-Dazs xD

We went for a food review,
where the menu was new.
We were filled to the brim,
with fondue and ice-cream.

Poor Tania was pitiful,
for she longed for a spoonful.
Salted caramel, green tea or coffee,
anything to fill her tummy.

But all she could do,
was look down at her shoe.
And wish the Saturday,
was not a working day.

So Haagen-Dazs,
Can I please eat this again with Tania to repay her for bringing me to this awesome place?

Thanks again for having us!


  1. We are not a big fans of ice cream... but the pictures looks so yummmyyy!!


    1. Oh no! I love ice-cream! <3 Have you tried sorbet?

  2. This is a lovely post. I like the Eiffel tower display.

  3. The only thing better than the ice cream,is your deliriously thick glasses

    1. Not sure if compliment but thanks anyway haha!

  4. Omgggggg *horrified* I'm supposed to be on detox diet next week and I'm fast succumbing to the temptations. :'( how ah. These are so yummy

  5. Oh my gosh that just looked sloppily awfully tempting.... But the price.... Huhuh...wish I was born rich

  6. They look so cool and Yummy! I love Haagen-Dazs too ^ ^


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