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FREE Shoes From Zerra Culture

Zerra Culture is giving away 1000 pairs of shoes from these 7 awesome designs!

Register be a member at and follow their instructions on how to redeem your free shoe. You just have to register, fill in your address and key in the coupon code.

Terms and conditions
* Only one pair per VIP member allowed
* Shipping address must be in Malaysia

Hurry up because they only have a limited number to giveaway. Shipping by GDex is RM 20.


  1. interesting, thanks for sharing

  2. Thought this seems attractive, postage RM20 ??? Maybe the shoes is RM10 and postage RM10 .. so basically it's not free lol

  3. They charged RM 20 for postage itself lolol maybe got fancy box and brochure? xD Just anggap as RM 20 for the shoe + free shipping lor

  4. Thanks for sharing! One can't have too many shoes! ^^

    xoxo Fuurin Diary

  5. Cannot use le :( voucher invalid


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