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Timeless Truth Masks (New 2014 Range) Review

I've tried various Timeless Truth masks but this is from their new range that is cheaper and more affordable for students like me.

Rose extract - Rose extract is a proven anti-aging skincare ingredient, with moisturizing and firming properties

Black Pearl – Helps to promote glowing, radiant skin with its anti-aging properties

Timeless Truth Luxurious Rose with Black Pearl Moisturizing Mask

Although it's from the cheaper range, it still uses the same concept like this hole-y plastic sheet which ensures the mask remains in contact with the serum at all times. The TT Instantaneous Brightening Cooling Mask uses the same sheet.

TT Instantaneous Brightening Cooling Mask

I left it on for 15 minutes and patted in the remaining essence until it's not wet or sticky.

Using Timeless Truth Masks

Actually I think they were pretty similar to each other so I will not have separate posts for each. Used them consecutively for 6 days to enhance the effects.

  • Luxurious Rose with Black Pearl Moisturizing Mask
  • Hyaluronic Acid Q10 Hydrating Mask
  • Swallow's Nest with Bearberry Extract Revitalizing Mask
  • Natto with Wine Yeast Skin Balancing Mask
  • Snail Extract with Sakura Repairing Mask
  • Caviar & Collagen Elastic Mask

Timeless Truth Masks (New 2014 Range) Review

Using Timeless Truth new 2014 masks

Probably a tiny bit brighter? The brightening effect is definitely more obvious with the TT Functionality Masks.

Before and after Timeless Truth masks

Pore shrinking also loses to the higher ranged masks.

Pore size after Timeless Truth Masks

However, as the serum used is similar to the other masks, it still sufficiently moisturizes my skin. Apply moisturizer after to lock in the moisture =)

Hydrated skin after Timeless Truth Masks

Ingredients list~

Timeless Truth Masks ingredients list

At about half the price of some of the other Timeless Truth masks, it's okay.. Better than some random sheet masks I find at Watson's for the same price but I would rather go directly for the Functionality Masks though. They're still relatively okay-priced but they are good.

The masks are part of their new 2014 collection and are priced at RM 69 per box of 10 pieces.

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. love the fact that your pores looked smaller after using the mask! i just got myself the Snail Extract with Sakura Repairing and Natto with Wine Yeast Skin Balancing mask from TT as well ^_^

  2. Did you try the serums as well? =D

  3. I bought one of the serum but I havent used it yet :) I decided to treat these pimples first then baru serum coz i bought the whitening serum for my acne scars. Suanne told that it might be drying to certain skin types so I think i must not clash it with acne treatments i'm using now.

  4. ohhh I have the one for moisturizing. not bad not bad!

  5. Ding Ding Ding09 July, 2014 19:04

    I want to try the Goat's Milk and Honeydew soap! I love the smell of both goat milk and honeydew but I am curious about the smell of the combination, hope to try it out, thanks for giveaway! :)

  6. Actually it smells mainly of lemongrass but in a refreshing way

  7. I really want to try that body soap cuz it looks delicious but that scrub looks tempting to me since it has citrus-y smell

  8. Earth Care 'Wake Me Up' Organic Handmade Bodyscrub :)

  9. Really interested in the wake me up bodyscrub! :D

  10. Yum! I bet 'Wake Me Up' bodyscrub smells amazing. Loving the citrus scent. Can it get rid of back ache? hehe. I would really want to try it! ♡
    xx ieyra

  11. I want to try Earth Care 'Wake Me Up' Organic Handmade Bodyscrub!!! It seems delicious..

  12. I want to try Earth Care "Wake Me Up" Organic Handmade Bodyscrub! I've recently converted to be a big fan of handmade soap and scrubs, and I've heard so much about Earth Care, really hope to try it! I think I'd love the smell very much :D

  13. I wanttttt the handmade bodyscrub!! i loveee citrus scent that freshens my body, mind and soul <3 Please grant me my wish to bid goodbye to the rough skin :D

  14. I want Earth Care 'Wake Me Up' Organic Handmade Bodyscrub <3 <3 <3

    I'm looking for a good body scrub for a cleaner body skin, then I found your review here :D

    Moreover, this scrub can lowers blood pressure and soothes muscle aches? Exactly what I need wey....

  15. I really would love to try Wake Me Up body scrub ^_^ i believe that its properties can help me retain skin moisture while at the same time keep back acne at bay! after all, this scrub seems pretty inviting, hehe


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