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Noah (2014)

Genre : Action, Drama
Rating : 5/10

Le Bf has been waiting for Noah to come onto the big screen for months without knowing that it was banned here in Malaysia lol We still got to watch it anyway..

You guys know the story right? God decides that men have become too bad for their own good and is sending a big rain to flood the Earth to cleanse it (kill everyone and everything) and start over. Noah (Russell Crowe) was tasked with building a humongous ark where he will bring aboard with him a male and female of every animal, bird and insect in order to renew the Earth once the flood subsides.

After Noah saw the visions, he and his family embark on a journey to find his grandfather (Anthony Hopkins), crossing into dangerous lands as they are pursued by the evil descendants of Cain. On the way, they pick up a little girl (Emma Watson). Can't ignore the Hermione part of her but she did take on the role well, which included giving birth and becoming a mother; exact opposites of who she was in Harry Potter.

Tensions arise as Noah starts losing his mind and going against his own family. Lust and vengeance too tore the family apart. The movie revealed how hard it was for Noah to make the decisions and sacrifices.

Unfortunately, those who are not familiar with the Bible might have some difficulties appreciating this movie. Maybe it's just me being not a Christian but I just can't stop wondering what were the animals that were eaten and killed =/ Probably explains why we don't have unicorns now. Apart from that, I found the movie to be too lengthy.

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