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Pastel & Glitter Gel Manicure @ beeQnails, PJ

Love my new pastel and glitter gel manicure!

Pastel glitter manicure

OPI Partner
Got them done at beeQnails, which happens to be in SS2 xD beeQnails is an OPI partner so they use quality OPI products and staff are properly trained as well. No foreigner staffs who don't speak English alright..

beeQnails Salon SS2 Petaling Jaya

Simple and clean interior with big TVs to entertain us girls. I guess most of the session we were just gawking at Sarah Jessica Parker's dresses in Sex and the City.

beeQnails Salon interior

Avocado Pedicure Treatment
You walk on your feet all day so you should pamper them too. Using OPI's Avoplex system with avocado, you will be treated to nail shaping, soak, scrub, cuticle detailing, callus removal, massage and polish.
Price : RM 75

OPI Avocado Pedicure Treatment at beeQnails

I liked this Avoplex Revitalizing Hand & Body Scrub. Made my skin look so much better as it removed the dead skin.

P.S. if your legs are hairy, you can try their waxing services as well.

OPI Avoplex Revitalizing Hand and Body Scrub

Then I got to pick my OPI colour for my pedicure yay! I've always been attracted to the OPI Liquid Sand range.

OPI nail polish swatches

Just discovered this OPI Chip Skip which prevents chipping of your nail polish!

OPI nail products Chip Skip, Natural Nail Base Coat and Nail Lacquer

Pretending to be tai-tai wahahha!

Pedicure at beeQnails SS2

I finally chose OPI Kiss me at Midnight which is a very lovely blue with glitter. It's matte and feels sandy, hence the name.

OPI Kiss Me at Midnight swatch

Gel Color by OPI
It was the first time Carolyn, Shini and I tried out Gel Color which was awesome! It dries mega fast so you can immediately do stuff after your manicure without worrying about ruining it. It also remains shiny and pretty for 2-3 weeks!

Gel Manicure at beeQnails

My artist was the talented Jenny. Here you can see how detailed her work is. Even those silver glitters were individually placed =O 

Nail art design at beeQnails

Customized Design
At beeQnails, you can pick the design you want. I saw this stained glass design on their Instagram and *ahem* stole it but asked for pastel colours instead. Then Jenny added the sparkly one OMG! You need the sparkly one. Nail art designs range from RM 20-100.

Pink and turquoise nail art

OPI Age-Defying Spa Manicure
I had the spa manicure which consists of shaping, exfoliating, revitalizing cuticle detailing, renewing, hand protecting and polishing. All OPI products.. Smells like oranges. Yum!
Price: RM 88

OPI Spa Manicure beeQnails

I like how beeQnails has a wide range of OPI colours. I have my eye on this bottle right here!

OPI Glitter nail polish

You can also add on other stuff like star glitters, bling bling and pearls.

beeQnails nail art

Unrelated to my treatment but this is so cute~

OPI Avojuice

Isabel is happy now xD

beeQnails SS2 review

Actually, it's really affordable at only RM 50 with the current promotion~ You also get a 5% discount by mentioning my name 'Isabel Lee' =D

beeQnails promotion

  • Happy Nails Hour (Mon-Wed, 12-5pm) - Express mani/pedi at RM 20, Express Gel Manicure at RM 50
  • Student Promotion (Mon-Fri, 11am-4pm) - RM 100 for Gel Manicure, 2 Nail Art Designs & Classic Pedicure
  • Hashtag/Tag beeQnails on FB/Instagram to get RM 5 off receipt
  • Membership package

Good Guy Greg (Isabel) made a map for you so you don't get lost. If you're coming from LDP, take the bottom exit to SS2, turn left into SS2/66 and left again to the road that goes back out to LDP - beeQnails will be on your left. It's a pink house opposite the barricaded road where the police love to have a roadblock lolz

BeeQnails is  a house so you can park right at the shop and the staff can move your car for you. They're all really friendly and nice.

beeQnails SS2 map

beeQnails SS2 directions

89, Jalan SS2/75 beeQnails

Address : No 89, Jalan SS2/75, Petaling Jaya
Tel number : 03-78660935 / 016-5555935
Facebook :
Instagram :


  1. i love the colour combination of your nails! (:

  2. Your fingers!! I'm so jealous of that super fun design! I saw some ladies doing that at home diy and I know I'm too lazy to try!

  3. Thanks! I simply requested for pastel and Jenny came up with the colours

  4. Yes yes... Too lazy so go for manicure LOL

  5. the colors are pretty! :D


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