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Football Mad Territory with #gilabola

My sleep for the past few days have been disturbed. Why?

Le Bf watching football in the middle of the night.. He'll place his laptop there, go to sleep and then wake up whenever he hears people cheering LMAO

Watch movie in cinema, he's checking his phone for results.. Eating, he's reading football posts. Oi, you #gilabola ke?

Maybe he should share his crazy moments on Celcom Football Mad Territory with the hashtag #gilabola on Instagram! Who knows, they could even appear in the next video.

If you like football, I think you can relate with Joe Flizzow's #gilabola xD

Top 5 moments in World Cup 2014 so far!

1) Brazil's Marcelo scoring into their own goal... lol~

Brazil's Marcelo scoring own goal
Source : PEDRO UGARTE AFP/Getty Images

2) Clint Dempsey of US scoring the fastest goal in the first 30 seconds

US clint dempsey

3) Netherlands beat previous champion Spain 5-1 whattt??

Netherlands beat Spain 2014 World Cup
Photo by JAVIER SORIANO AFP/Getty Images

4) Pepe's headbutt lolol

Pepe headbutt in 2014 World Cup
Photo from Action Images

5) Switzerland scoring their winning goal in the 93rd minute

Switzerland's goal at 93rd minute
Photo: Stu Forster Getty Images

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