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Deoproce Hand & Body Cream Review

Reviewing this really cheap Deoproce hand & body cream from my HiShop parcel! As I was interning in an environment that was constantly air-conditioned, I brought this hand cream with me to the office to moisturize my paws.

Hishop parcel

Can you believe I purchased these for RM 6.90 each only?! I've only opened the Grape Fruit one so far.. Each soft tube (not metal) contains 50 ml of product.

Deoproce Hand & Body Cream from Hishop

Deoproce is a company under Samsung so I'm not too concerned about the quality even though it's cheap. Yes, let that sink in.. Samsung doesn't produce just electronic products XD

Deoproce Hand & Body Cream Grape Fruit

Screw on caps - easy to lose but do not accidentally open in your bag (how many of you experienced this before?)

Deoproce Hand & Body Cream

The product has an amazing citrus scent which I love love love! It has a light gel-like texture that isn't too greasy. Skin is left smooth and soft after every application.

Deoproce Hand & Body Cream review

Hand Cream Tip!
If you don't want to get hand cream on your palm when you're working, squeeze it on the back of your hand and use both hands to spread it on your arms without using your palm.

Hand cream application tips

I also spotted this set on Hishop which contains 1 Green Grape, 2 Lovely Peach, 1 Blue Berry & 1 Grapefruit. Would probably make a nice gift =)

Deoproce Hand & Body Cream set

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