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What to Wear for Internship?

Before our internship started, we were very anxious and nervous. Not about what the new world would bring us but rather what to wear.. We soon found out that this was extremely vain & unnecessary lolz

I compiled some of the things I wore to office. I worked at an advertising company and didn't go out to meet clients so it isn't very formal.

Day 1 outfit - Tried to look decent and corporate
Dress from Amos Uptown, RM 20
Shoes from Isetan 1U, RM 70

Dress from Amos Uptown, RM 20
Clothes there are really affordable and you can try them on before purchasing

Mom's dress with a beaded sash

Skirt from some random blogshop. Bodycon skirts paired with any top makes them look more office-friendly although actually they're not.

Floral dress from Sungei Wang.

Pink jumpsuit from Thailand, RM 25. Cardigans have become permanent furnitures at my place as it is absolutely freeeeeezing! Wear cardis instead of long sleeved clothing as when you go out for lunch, it's really hot.

Pink cupcakes & pearls dress from Thailand

Yellow dress from sister's wardrobe paired with my new bright pink Charles & Keith bag from le Bf.

Love this mint skort from Thailand! I got it for about RM 10-15 only and it's so pretty~~

Houndstooth dress from Times Square. Love the stylo huge collar on this and the cutting is quite flattering as well.

Black skort from Thailand with bracelet from

Red version of the skorts. Skorts are awesome!

I wore mostly dresses to work cos they don't require pairing and already look presentable. Jeans? Casual Fridays allow jeans but we sometimes wear them on other days as well. Shorts if you're daring enough and pray you don't bump into the boss but generally they're not advisable. Unless you're in Groupon. Then even your pajamas are okay. Rule would be to follow what your colleagues wear. Observe on your first day!

Can't wait to get back to shorts and tank tops in college xD


  1. Cute dresses :) I love wearing sheer or opaque tights with heels. They pair well with dresses, and long tops and look casual enough and also not TOO casual =)

  2. I look horrid in tights so I don't wear them =( I love how they make short dresses look more appropriate though

  3. i love all your dress~ very nice!!

  4. The waist is most obvious! Congratulations :D

  5. yess! I feel so relieved now. Less guilty of eating all those cookies xD

  6. hehe :D might try it out lol but the water consume part is always so tough ugh ._.

  7. I did not obey that =x I normally do not drink that much water which is quite bad

  8. whattttt? and yet you lose that much? haha jelly :D

  9. I guess I just had a lot of congested poop ewwww

  10. hahahah thats a lot of poop we're talking ughh XD

  11. Hi Isabel, We shared the link at Negative Calorie fan page. We hope you are fine with it. Kindly let us know if anything. Many thanks for the sharing.

  12. Hi Isabel, Leo here from Negative Calorie. Great sharing. And is it possible to revise a bit rgd Negative Calorie price? Actually per 15 sachet is RM 49.5 instead of 90...

  13. Aik? Maybe I saw the price wrongly then.. Changed =)


    You can buy it online here too ^^


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