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Fun & Freebies with 100PLUS

Remember the special 100PLUS vending machine I wrote about? I saw it in Taylor's Lakeside~~

Observed how other people played first hahaha!

Basically the game looks like a running track and you're a can of 100PLUS rolling around.

Players have to move left and right in order to maneuver the can and also jump over obstacles =x

I believe I can fly~~~


I want 100PLUS too! So I went to play as well LOL

Here's a rare embarrassing video of myself LOL

Reap the reward of your efforts! Slurp~

Happy gal with my free 100PLUS

You too can play the Release the Can game~ Head to the location that's nearest to you and look out for the interactive vending machine.

*Update - The 100PLUS machine will also be at TOC on 9th Dec!

Find out more at or

The 'Win the Day' campaign is by 100PLUS and Rantau PR.

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